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I am getting the pieces rounded up on Dr. Peter Jaffe and John Liston and their participation in the overt exclusion of males/boys from sex abuse screening protocols.

Such blatant discrimination/gender bias in this day and age is unsettling at the best of times, more so when these two men were called as “expert” witnesses at the Cornwall Public Inquiry, an inquiry commissioned in response to persistent allegations of a paedophile and cover-up in which the victims were predominantly male. But, and in truth, on the other hand, also an inquiry with a mandate which deliberately omits the word “sex,” avoids specific reference to males or the circumstances demanding inquiry, and thereby deftly side-steps the very problems which gave rise to the inquiry in the first place. In the process the door was thrown open to exclude male/male sexual abuse as the focus of the inquiry – the commission was left free to further muddy the muddied Cornwall sex abuse scandal waters by fishing about inquiring into all manner of “abuse” be it mental, physical, emotional and/or sexual, of males or females! Short shrift, I believe, for grown men who, after years of silence, finally mustered the courage to come forward, those sex abuse who have been traditionally ignored and/or overlooked by “the system.” Short shrift too for ‘the boy child’!
All happenstance?

Anyway, at this point I have added Dr. Jaffe’s bio and CV and opened a page for John Liston, who by the way, attended London’s Christ the King College when Eugene Larocque, former Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall and accused paedophile, was Dean of the college.

I have two more articles to post. Once they are up and you can refer to them for yourself I’ll say my piece 🙂

Enough for now,


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  1. prima facie says:


    SYLVIA: Your second paragraph, beginning with, “Such blatant….”, in the blog above, entitled, “I’ll say my piece”, written by “Sylvia, Thursday, September 27, 2007 at 6:14 pm.”…….IS EXACTLY IT!!!

    NOW, anyone…..

    A) why would the Attorney General’s Office and the “Powers”, “design” a “mandate” such as this one; including, but not limited to, Phase I and Phase II criteria.
    B)Why do we consistently hear, from the “similar thinking” Advisory Panel Member’s and Commissioner Glaude, that the “Government” is watching our progress, the “World” is watching us, we are a “RESEARCH” project….(see previous news media reports).

    QUESTION: WHAT does this Cornwall Public Inquiry really “intend” to “give to the world”?

    I believe this Cornwall Public Inquiry was hijacked from, “the get go”?

  2. prima facie says:

    “EX PARTE”

    MY OPINION: As Perry stated; “There was a coverup in 1993 and there’s still a coverup today.”

    Further evidence of what I perceive to be, connspiracy, coverup, coercion, deceit, malice, obstruction, abuse of power, miscarriage of justice out of the courtroom, etc., etc., is the deceitful and perhaps unlawful method utilized to coerce the Dunlop’s into appearing at the Cornwall Public Inquiry. The Inquiry was legally, re-defined to be a court, then the Dunlop’s were subpoenaed/summonsed to appear.

    Judge Glaude et al went “ex parte” application to secure the subpoena’s/summonses.

    READ the transcripts involving Helen Dunlop, Commission Counsel Peter Engelmann and The Cornwall Public Inquiry, Judge Norman Glaude, relating to forcing Helen and Perry to appear against their “will”. Ex parte is briefly mentioned by Judge Glaude, then they quickly moved forward. Later on, Judge Glaude attempted to clarify that he was responsible if anyone had any complaints. READ!! the transcripts…..were the words typed in?

    Furthermore, Judge Glaude et al, are responsible.

    I urge EVERYONE including the news media, to seek out and read about ex parte applications. (Google ex parte) or see a law dictionary in a library or book store, BUT LEARN!!

    As I see it, a deliberate attempt to deceive.

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