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The commission has recessed until Monday 01 October 2007. At this point we don’t know which witnesses will be called. I believe two more victims are preparing to testify but will wait until there is confirmation.

And, of course, Perry Dunlop has been ordered to appear in the Weave Shed courthouse coliseum 09 October 2007.

Carson Chisholm (Helen Dunlop’s brother) is on deck somewhere. He was originally scheduled to testify 18 September 2007. That obviously fell by the bye when Justice Normand Glaude decided to flex his judicial muscle and force the Dunlops back to Cornwall for the 17th. More on that to come. But, when Carson will take the stand is a mystery.

Need it be said that yet again things are running seriously behind schedule? The current plan is to have this “inquiry” wrapped up in July 2008. To that end a number of extra days and hours of hearings have been incorporated into the 2008 schedule. The schedule – subject to change! – for the remainder of the year can be found here.

You will note that 11 October to 22 October is supposed to be time off. However commission has earmarked the weeks of 09 October and 15 October 2007 for Perry Dunlop. Justice Glaude has even offered to sit on Saturdays and Sundays in that time frame to get Perry’s testimony wrapped up in a timely fashion!


Earlier today I posted an Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor. The links to the corresponding article were incorrect. They have been corrected 🙂

I have also re-worked the Steve Parisien page and added a link to a page of pictures. Most of those you have already seen on the Perry Dunlop photo gallery. The one addition is that of Steve getting a big hug from his sister Bev after the charges were dismissed. This is a scan from the Cornwall Standard Freeholder – open with Adobe Reader.

I received two emails which I must share, one from an individual who attempted to post a comment on the blog without success and asked that I post it, the other a personal email which I believe gives a feel for the mood of the populace beyond Cornwall. I will withhold names.

The first, from Toronto, Ontario:

I want to make just one small point but I think crucial point. They have dragged Helen and Perry from B.C.. and yet one of the main players in this whole thing is the former chief of police (who I understand left for Florida some time ago.) Let’s get him on the stand and ask why his officers did not obey the law and notify the CAS every time a victim reported sexual assault… Didn’t this same chief order Perry Dunlop not to investigate sexual assaults!!!!!???? Where is this witness hiding?

Amen to that!

And, the second, from Ottawa:

Thanks for your comprehensive information on this terrible saga of victimization and criminal deceit. What an indictment of our “justice” system, government and police department officials — and well-earned recognition for the citizens who themselves pursued and uncovered evidence of the truth.

No one reading your information can come to any conclusion other than this. The deliberately destroyed and lost evidence, the malicious hounding of heroic whistleblower Perry Dunlop, the criminal misuse of taxes diverted to covering up the shattering truth, and the effort to exhaust financially and emotionally the good citizens intent on justice being done needs to finally see the light of day and public scrutiny. Your work offers hope that perhaps this time the truth will prevail.

People like Perry Dunlop, his wife, their supporters, and Garry Guzzo who by his conduct maintains public confidence in at least a very few elected officials such as himself, are balm to the discouraged soul.

I hope that some day a film will be made of this entire story, to honour the citizens and whistleblower heroes, and to show how future repetitions of such obstructed Canadian justice may be prevented. Also, the current high-positioned villains must not be allowed to hide in the dark shadows of oblivion and the passage of time.

Don’t let the villains hide in the dark shadows of oblivion and the passage of time.

Amen to that!

I will carry on. I have Helen’s concerns and recommendations nearly ready to post on the website. Will make a note of it on New to the Site once they’re up.

Enough for now,



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  1. prima facie says:

    Difficult social times? Revolutionary changes in healthcare, social policy, public administration. Increased security measures on “The Hill” or at “Queen’s Park”? Fear of civil unrest or dissent against politicians and justice? The need to “regionalize” noteworthy news events? The suppression and oppression of dissenting voices”
    I urge scholars, researchers, “The Powers That Be” and the public to research and debate..when the aforementioned really “went into high gear”.

    Perry and Helen Dunlop are TRUE Canadian hero’s, yet this incredible story of “cover-up” reaching into the “backrooms” of the “highest levels” of public administration, receives minimal if any national coverage. Yes, if this was the “BIG BAD U.S.A.” I can assure you, the world would be “watching”. However, this very newsworthy event is “stiffled” nationally, receives “better than usual” local coverage and some coverage out of Ottawa. WHY?….social control??
    Canadians are crying for a hero, and here is a whole family; a family who were attacked emotionally, psychologically, financially, etc. from every venue.

    “Queen’s Park” brown-nosers like Margaret Wente and the Globe and Mail, instill the “POWER” of “Queen’s Park” and the Attorney General, through biased opinion which is what editorials and columnists write, that is, “editorials” are replete with bias opinion…nothing more!! Also, because limited “info” is written “outside” the region (Cornwall-Ottawa), the national public are ignorant and influenced only by the few “system” biased writers. (cynical?, no..reality and fact.) Ask a couple of journalism professors about their opinion on the above, from different perspectives. BUT today, we have the “internet”…for now. Thank God.

    Other witnesses will be intimidated or paid off, some with “gag” stipulations. Very recently, last week, several “alleged” victims received settlement cheques….coincidental? and…”alleged”??? HELLO!!
    All these lawyers, all this money….and nothing is really there??? HELLO!!

    THE DUNLOPS are true Canadian hero’s…..brutal attempts were made to punish and silence THEM ALL. Yet, “the system” decides who will be “HERO’S” in Canada.

    “THE PEOPLE MUST SPEAK OUT” and demand news.

    LAST week “the lines” were well defined; who was on who’s side. The truth vs. cover-up…you would be very surprised.

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