A picture speaks a thousand words

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I have started posting a page of pictures from Perry and Helen’s return to Cornwall and their week in the Weave Shed coliseum.

Several of the photos are scans from the Standard Freeholder. They’re beautiful shots of Perry and Helen – thought everyone should have the benefit.  The rest are photos I nabbed.  I have posted a number – still have a  card I haven’t downloaded yet – will get on with that tomorrow.

A picture speaks a thousand words – this is a chance to give you a bird’s eye view of of the some of the many moments of joy and sorrow from the past week.

I also have a beautiful photo from the Freeholder of Steve Parisien and his aunt after the Justice Fontana read his verdict:  charges dismissed! Will get that posted tomorrow too.

A good week….

Enough for now,



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  1. prima facie says:

    …and finally; Perry, Helen…I believe you “truly” know who you can trust.

    I say be cautious of everyone. Last week was very telling, wasn’t it?

    IT IS MY OPINION, Mr. Guzzo and others like him are “social provocateurs” (google or research in political dictionary). Mr Guzzo was significant on “bringing together” many of the “alleged victims” and BIG VOICES. He brought the “story” to “international attention”, BUT nothing else. He made lot’s of public threats BUT nothing else. Yes, as my previous blog complains about media…maybe Mr. Guzzo should decide what requires international attention.

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