God is good

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Steve Parisien’s verdict is in. The charges were dismissed  Need I say there is much rejoicing? Applause and tears in the packed courtroom. An emotional moment for Steve, his lovely wife Lorraine and all their supporters.

Justice. After nine months of agonizing turmoil, justice for Steve. More on this later.

And, at this very moment Perry and Helen Dunlop are in the air en route to British Columbia – back home to their daughters.

But it’s not over. …

Perry was called back to the stand this morning. He wants to consult with a lawyer. He has been told to be back in the Weave Shed courtroom Tuesday 09 October 2007.

More on that too.

There’s so much more to pass on about this past week in Cornwall. Right now, however, I feel the need to get out of the forest to look at the trees. And to put my feet up – literally! I was one of the Dunlop supporters granted “standing” – meaning we were permitted to stand at the side of the courtroom throughout their testimony to show our support. What a privilege that was, but I must confess my feet are now killing me. However, if the need arose I’d be back in there tomorrow! The same I know holds true for all who were granted “standing.”

So, I will post this blog and retire for the evening 

God speed Perry and Helen. You did us proud. You did yourselves proud. And my oh my but those girls of yours can be so terribly proud of their Mommy and Daddy.

And Steve and Lorraine, yes, you can Pinch yourselves from time to time. It isn’t a dream. It’s over. The nightmare is finally and decisively well and truly over.

Justice has prevailed. In Cornwall!!

More on that too.

For now, my husband and I are back home. I’m about to unpack our bags …..and put my aching feet up.

It’s been quite a week.

And, a final note. I realized today that it is indeed true that there’s a silver lining in every black cloud. Over the years travelling back and forth to Cornwall immersed in the muck and the mire of the sex abuse scandal and cover-up I have also met and now count as my friends some wonderful people. They are the salt of the earth. They have enriched my life.

God is good.


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