Speaking of mothers

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One more day….

Perry and Helen Dunlop are in Cornwall. Perry is scheduled to take the stand at 13:00 hours (1 pm) Monday 17 September 2007.

Justice Glaude will first make a few preliminary comments about where we’ve been and where we’re going. I do however believe that with Perry and Helen on deck and forced to participate in this inquiry against their will – after repeated commission assurances they could not be forced to testify – we all have a darn good idea where this inquiry is going. For Perry Dunlop’s jugular.

Helen hoped to visit her mother and father’s grave today (Sunday 16 September). She hadn’t said her goodbyes to her mother. She couldn’t fathom coming back to Cornwall for her own mother’s funeral. Not to Cornwall. That’s what “Cornwall” has done for the Dunlops. That’s how bad it’s been.

I pray the graveside visit gave Helen some measure of peace, comfort and strength.

And, speaking of mothers. Perry’s mother just happens to be visiting in Cornwall. She will be in the Weave Shed courtroom when they put her boy on the stand. She, poor soul, will see first-hand what kind of “healing” and “reconciliation” the commission has in store for her son. May God give her strength.


I will drive down to Cornwall today. I must. I can’t imagine not being there.

It is highly doubtful I will have a chance to get Monday’s morning media coverage posted before I leave. I’ll do the best I can but I doubt it.

When I get home in the evening I will bring you up to date on the day’s events and do catch up on postings 🙂 I also have a 2006 picture of the Dunlop family which I have been wanting to get posted. I will try to get that accomplished too :).


If you’re within driving distance of the Weave Shed courtroom cum coliseum – hop in the car head down. The Dunlops need our support.

And, for Helen on her Birthday, Monday 17th September

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Helen
Happy Birthday to you….
….And many many more


One more thing. Do you know how much it cost the commission to fly the Dunlops back to force them on the stand?

Nearly $3,500. Each ticket just shy of $1,700!

Helen had flights picked out with a different airline. Less than $600 ticket.

The commission wasn’t interested. It made it’s own arrangements. Nearly $1,700/ticket!!!


Premier Dalton McGuinty goes to the polls 10 October 2007. Keep that in mind.

And, pray without ceasing, for Perry, and Helen, and Marlee, and Heather, and Monica, and Mrs. Dunlop. My God give them each and all the strenth they need to bear what lies ahead.

Finally, for those who don’t know where the Weave Shed is:

709 Cotton Mill Street
Cornwall, Ontario

Let’s fill the place.  1 pm..


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