Beyond outrageous

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Three days!

Date: Monday, 17 September 2007.

Occasion: Kangaroo Court.  Helen Dunlop’s Birthday/the trial and lynching of Perry and Helen Dunlop.

Time: I pm.

Place: The Weave Shed Cotton Mill COURT

Address: 709 Cotton Mill Street

Cornwall, Ontario
K6H 7K7

Parking down and across the street. Come and let the Dunlops know it’s not a sin r a crime to protect children.

This is not a local issue. It is a national disgrace. Wherever you are, if you’ve been a silent admirer of the Dunlops, now is the time to put that support into action. Find your way to 709 Cotton Mill Street. Show the Dunlops you care. Let them see a friendly face or two as they’yre marched into the coliseum/court.

Yes. As I told you, as much has Justice Glaude has denied t and told us time and time again that this commission is not a criminal proceeding, and it’s not a civil proceeding, and it’s not a trial, we now know that Justice Lederer of the Onatrio Superior Court of Justice ruled that it is indeed a COURT.

That explains so much.

Anyway, I have posted a raft of documents related to the Dunlops, their summons and imminent appearance at the Weave Shed. It will take me a bit of time to list them here on the blog so for now I will simply direct you to New to the Site on the Home page. All postings are listed and linked.

All of these are posted on the Perry Dunlop page. All but the Dallas Lee posting are pdf files. The Dallas Lee one is a Word document. I realize the latter becomes a problem for some so will eventually extract the text and post it alongside the Word file.

I decided to add some explanation or commentary under a number of the postings so suggest you go to the Dunlop page.

Don’t miss the 10 September 2007 Dallas Lee letter to members of the Victims Group. It’s posted over in the right-hand column. It doesn’t fit under the Summons documents but it certainly fits into the whole dirty package and begs the question: what the heck is going on over there? The victims have been cut adrift. No representation from them in the Weave Shed COURT next week.

This is all beyond outrageous!!

Two years ago I said the victims were like lambs to the slaughter. I haven’t changed my mind.

I have more to say on all of this but need a break right now 🙂 Just wanted to let you know they’re up.

Remember as you peruse what Helen had to say. She and Perry have been “forced, lied to, bullied and harassed” to get get them into the Weave Shed and on to the stand. Read the evidence….

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  1. Myomy says:

    What a great blog you have Sylvia. So often the headline says it all. The busy reader doesn’t need to read the whole thing just the headline. It is certainly outrageous but there is something more. It is the belief that if Perry Dunlop is discredited or even punished it brings an aura of innocence to the guilty. God who knows all things is not fooled but we poor mortals could be fooled and that is the goal driving these events, to fool most of the people one more time This dynamic has happened before in the Leduc trial and so the Dunlops are wary of it and rightfully so. If any victims have talked to Perry Dunlop it makes their abusers innocent, not in the eyes of God but in the eyes of the confused public who still trust the institutional response to be a good one even after this has been called into question. Why do these institutions go on squandering their last bits of credibility in the futile effort to give an aura of innocence to the guilty? They can’t help themselves! The institutions like the children before them are being used and abused by the corrupt people in control of them for their own foul purpose.

    This is evident to me because the alternate explanation just does not ring true. The alternate explanation is that Perry Dunlop was a rogue cop and he created this whole scandal by his over zealous actions. Could one man really gain more credibility than the various institutions of Cornwall if there were not a real problem which many people have experienced in various ways that make what he says ring true to them? I find it much easier to believe in rampant institutional corruption as the explanation rather than this explanation. This is a contest of credibility between Perry Dunlop ( David ) and the assembled institutions of Cornwall ( Goliath ) . Right now the problem for the institutions is that Perry Dunlop has more credibility than the institutions. The institutions will continue doing what they have done in the past. May Perry Dunlop continue to show integrity as he has in the past. This will lead, as in the past, to more credibility for Perry Dunlop and less credibility for the institutions of Cornwall. May Perry Dunlop have the strength to remain calm in the face of the outrages designed to provoke him and may he cling to the truth like a life raft and thereby rise above his tormentors with even more credibility.

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