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Four days…

Monday 17 September 2007: 13:00 hours. (1 pm). Perry & Helen Dunlop are scheduled at the Weave Shed. Perry on the stand first. Once his bones are picked clean, … on to Helen.

At this point Perry is scheduled on the stand Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (17th to 19th). Helen Thursday (20th)

The Weave Shed COURT address is

709 Cotton Mill Street
Cornwall, Ontario
K6H 7K7

Don’t just say you support the Dunlops, show them. They need to see that support, next week more than ever.

And yes, if you believe children must and should be protected from known and suspect sexual predators, get down there. That, at the end of the day, is what this is all about, our children.

Rumour and innuendo?

I’ve posted two more of the series of documents relevant to Perry and Helen’s summonses: (1) 21 September 2006: Peter Engelmann letter to Perry Dunlop re testifying, and (2) 05 January 2007 Engelmann letter to Perry and Helen Dunlop re testifying at the Inquiry

Remember all the promises, that no one, but no one, would be forced to testify at the inquiry against his/her will?

That’s all changed, hasn’t it? Are Perry and Helen Dunlop appearing voluntarily? Not on your life.

Perhaps they didn’t catch the promises?

Well, yes, indeed, they did. They didn’t catch them off the webcast. They got them right from lead commission counsel Engelmann himself.

Look at this:

(1) Letter no. 1 (21 September 2006)

We are not able to compel you to come to Cornwall and testify before the inquiry.

(Peter Engelmann to Perry Dunlop)

“We are not able to compel you. ..” You can’t get much more straightforward than that, can you?

Message? Perry, you will not be compelled to testify.

(2) Letter no. 2 (05 January 2007)

I also want to make it very clear that since this is a provincial inquiry your appearance before the Inquiry as a non-resident is therefore voluntary.”

(Peter Engelmann to Perry & Helen Dunlop)

“I also want to make it very clear…your appearance before the Inquiry as a non-resident is therefore voluntary.” Still pretty straightforward, right?

(Message: Peter Engelmann to Perry & Helen Dunlop)

Message? Perry and Helen, you will not be compelled to testify.

I won’t comment on other portions of the letter. Take the time to read them and draw you own conclusions. My point here and now is that at least twice in writing Peter Engelmann told the Dunlops they would NOT be compelled to testify.

As you well know by now, those words aren’t worth the price of the paper they’re written on.

Perry & Helen have been compelled to testify.


Elections? Get them into the Weave Shed COURT and feed them to the lions……before McGuinty goes to the polls?

And, polls or no polls, the truth of the matter is that what Peter Engelmann told the Dunlops fell far short of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

More documents to come. I’m positing them in chronological order – makes it a little easier to sort out what’s been going in the pursuit of truth in Cornwall, both in and out of the Weave Shed COURT.

Did I say COURT?

Yes. There is good cause. This inquiry, ‘they’ tell us, is not a trial, and is not a civil action. However, it is a court. I have that from an extremely reliable source.

The inquiry is a COURT.

Meditate on that one…

And that’s enough for now,

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