Time to shoot the messenger

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The Dunlops have been summonsed.  Both of them.  Not Perry.  Perry and Helen.

The ruse of huggy-bear-kissy face is long gone.

The ruse that no one but no one will be forced to testify against his/her will is long gone – excepting of course the “alleged” paedophiles of Cornwall.  Last I heard not a one of Cornwall’s “alleged” paedophiles is keen to take the stand to publicly profess his innocence.  And last I heard not one them will be obliged to.

But, Perry and Helen Dunlop. Well, they’re different.

And indeed – and thank God – they are.

Now comes the ultimate reward for sacrificing career, family, home and security to protect children; for being a shoulder for grown men to cry upon; for blowing the whistle, and blowing it and blowing it and blowing it.

Now comes the ultimate institutional response to allegations of sexual abuse and cover-up.  Shoot the messenger.  Into the lion’s den.  Both of them. Together.

They’re a team, Perry and Helen are,  so perhaps that’s appropriate.  Perry did what he had to do. Helen has stood by him through thick and thin.  Her wisdom and wit have carried them through countless difficulties over countless years.  She has cried with victims.  She has laughed with victims.

I am sure she and Perry have shed more than a tear or two in the dark of night, many a night.  And I don’t doubt for a moment there has been many a tear shed by their three beautiful young girls. Teenagers.

Teenagers watching their Daddy persecuted, ridiculed, vilified and demonized.  Teenagers struggling to understand why “they” hate their Daddy.  Teenagers who love their Daddy.

Teenagers – just back to school.  Just back to school when Justice Glaude decides it’s time to clear the deck before election day –  time to flex his judicial muscle – time to throw their Mommy and Daddy into the lions’ den.

On Mommy’s Birthday!

Words escape me.

I knew it was coming.  But there’s always that little part that hopes and prays.

Not so.

I have more to say on this.  Much more.  For now, enough to say that Perry and Helen are being forced to testify against their will.

They are scheduled in the Weave Shed at 10 am Monday 17 September 2007.  Helen’s Birthday.

Time for Cornwall to give back to Perry and Helen, don’t you think?

Much more to say on the day’s events at the Weave Shed.  Fascinating day.  But ….all pales next to this.  Now we’re down to the raison d’etre of the this inquiry.

As I said, more later.

Enough for now,



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  1. Myomy says:

    Your title “Shoot the Messenger” perfectly encapsulates the Institutional response to allegations of sexual abuse. This has characterized the institutional response all allong and this continues with this inquiry. Justice Glaude has already fulfilled his mandate magnificently, not in what he may write in his report – which comes later. No he is giving us a replay for all to see of the instutional response to allegations of sexual abuse. – shoot the messenger.

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