Swish bang

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Steve Parisien‘s “trial”, such as it was, is all over. The verdict will be rendered 21 September 2007.

I haven’t got the oomph to blog right now. The whole day yesterday (Wednesday 05 September 2007) was strangely disheartening – somehow disquieting. I’m not sure why. Steve took the stand and testified in his own defence. And he did well. So that’s not the problem. It’s more what wasn’t addressed, and questions which weren’t posed, and witnesses who weren’t called.

I’ll blog tomorrow. For now will just reiterate again that this whole “trial” was bizarre. It was a little like watching a fast forward on an old Charlie Chaplain movie,one minute this witness is on the stand, the next another, the next another. Then, swish bang – it was over. Finished. And all in the courtroom were left shaking heads wondering, is that it? that’s what an obstruction of justice trial looks like and sounds like? This little flurry of activity will determine a man’s fate? What the heck was that all about?



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  1. prima facie says:

    Re: “Swish Bang” “Steve Parisien’s Trial” and Vikki Roy’s belief’s.

    I believe the “Justice System” would like to get the “Parisien” “folly” out of the newspapers as quickly and quietly as possible; can anyone say, “Gulag”?

    What is more disturbing to me is that “WE” have let these “POWERS THAT BE” get so far out of control; they are entirely drunken with “POWER”!!!…can anyone say “Gulag”? What is next?

    In my opinion, this “Parisien trial”, the motivation for “Parisien’s” arrest and the evidence supporting Parisien’s arrest was weak, prejudicial and a “miscarriage of justice”, among other things.

    The charges against Parisien should have been quickly disposed of, “withdrawn-dismissed”. This is a serious black-eye to the Ontario Justice System and in my opinion, was “directed” by a weary and embarrassed Commissioner Glaude, fearing loss of control.

    Did Parisien’s lawyer ever question whether the “arrest” of Parisien was in fact “lawful”, or, can anyone be “picked-up” off the streets and detained, based on any “clowns” interpretations? Can anyone say “Gulag”?
    Why weren’t the charges against Parisien dismissed?

    No, the real issue issue is, as it always has been, to silence dissenting voices and manipulate the facts.

    Also Sylvia, in your blog entitled “Strange Indeed, Wednesday 5 September, 2007 at 5:16am” you write about Vikki Roy believing that the purpose of the Cornwall Public Inquiry is to, basically bring about community awareness and “BRING THE TRUTH OUT”. Truth about WHAT Vikki??

    Incredible: Sylvia, are there still people who think this Cornwall Public Inquiry is about “truth”. GET REAL!!
    It is obvious “the mandate” of this inquiry is still misinterpreted by many!! TRUTH!!, TRUTH, you say Vikki, well, “you can’t handle the truth” and either can the Commission, The Attorney General, etc.

    “The System” utilizes misnomers such as “Project Truth”, encouraging people to interpret that the “truth” will be disclosed. (Hello!!!!….I have some swampland for sale…..hello!!!)

    It is my opinion, “The Cornwall Public Inquiry” has no interest or mandate to discover whether the many allegations of sexual abuse, cover-up, etc. were/are TRUE or NOT.

    However, their dependence on the public’s naivite, ignorance and fear is apprarently a success.

    Of course, call me cynical, but I believe, as far as the “Cornwall Public Inquiry” and related matters are concerned, the “truth” is far from the objective.

    I believe that “keeping the system functional” AT ANY COST, is critical and the objective……oh, and convincing you and me to believe them.

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