A victim re-victimized

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Steve Parisien is on trial, 10 am Tuesday 04 September 2007.  Cornwall Courthouse, 5 – 3rd St. East, Cornwall.

Charged with obstruct justice.  Frisked, handcuffed and tossed into the police cruiser at the foot of his driveway in broad daylight.  A victim re-victimized by the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

How many of Cornwall’s “alleged” paedophiles were publicly humiliated in such fashion? Why even way back in 1994 Charlie had a deal worked out when it momentarily looked like charges were in the offing: – no handcuffs!

No deals for Steve. He was treated like the lowest of the low, from the moment Justice Glaude publicly conveyed the notion that Steve was guilty of something or other, refused to hear Steve’s side of the story right there in the Weave Shed and  tossed him off like excess baggage to “the proper authorities” …

Never mind the institutional response to “allegations” of sexual abuse.  What about the institutional response to victims?

What more can I say?

I can only pray that truth prevails and justice is done.  In Cornwall, a small modicum of each is long overdue.


Out and about today.  Took the opportunity to visit a dear friend I haven’t see for some time 🙂  – no work accomplished on the website.


A reminder:  hearings resume at 2 pm 10 September 2007.  Once the schedule is posted I’ll pass it on.

Enough for now,



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