What a sorry reflection on society

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I was just about to post the following email when AbsentObserver’s comment  on the last blog arrived. Timely?

The email, dated early 02 September 2007,  is directed at me and the sender chose to direct his/her anger at me privately vs publicly on the blog. I believe that constitutes personal so I will withhold the name. I do however want you to see it and then reiterate and add to some of the comments I made yesterday regarding  Standing behind ‘Father Gates’ and “Open season on priests?”

The email:


Where do you get your information? I can be totally honest and quite upfront in saying that the information you have on Father Gates is untrue. You are looking as to why he moved to Cornwall from PA….why not ask him?

Did you maybe think for two seconds, just two seconds to look pass your jaded, skeptical mind, to think that it is simply because he has family in Cornwall? Probably not for you are way to busy condemning the innocent, let us not mention all the good work this man has done….but let us focus on alleged falsehoods.

You should be ashamed of defacing such a kind caring man, someone who you have obviously never met.

Innocent until proven guilty……maybe something you should consider before you continue on blogging on about an innocent man !!

My Comments:

(1) This is a typical response and attitude by a segment of naive Roman Catholics world-wide to clerical sex abuse allegations/charges/convictions. Such views and denials are discussed and disseminated amongst themselves, with others at Church gatherings, with family members, with neighbours, with colleagues and in the media.  Sometimes they actually come from the pulpit!;

(2) I understand that is difficult for those who revere a particular priest to accept the fact that he may actually be an abuser. I look back many years – before I started to became aware of what was happening in my beloved Church, back in the late 80s and early 90s – and I wonder in my ignorance and naivety at the time what my response might have been under similar circumstances. I truly don’t know. But I do know that since then there has been ample media coverage of the scandals besetting the Church, suffice for any Roman Catholic to realize that there is a serious problem, and to understand that where there is smoke there is often if not probably fire.

(3) What impact does this sort of judgmental attitude have on all the “alleged” victims of clerical sexual abuse involved with the inquiry, i.e., those who have been told in no uncertain terms by the commission that whether they were or were not sexually abused by a priest is totally irrelevant?

(4) What does this sort of judgmental attitude do to encourage already reluctant and fearful victims to come forward?

And how, pray tell, can we ensure as much as is humanly possible the safety of our children if victims don’t come forward, and what a sorry reflection on society indeed when, at the eleventh hour, victims fail to come forward because they’ve watched and heard how fellow victims have been treated (a) since the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up first broke in Cornwall in 1994, (b) at the Cornwall Public inquiry and (c) by naive Catholics busily circling the wagons;(5) In light of the current allegations against Father Gaetan Deschamps Bishops Paul Andre Durocher and Blaise Morand (Prince Albert) have an obligation –  for the peace of mind of the faithful – to disclose any and all sexually-related reports and/or allegations regarding Father Gaetan Deschamps.

(6) The bishops of Canada must disclose information on clerical sexual predators which has been kept secret if they want to (a) put an end to clerical sexual abuse, (b) protect children, (c) help victims (d) restore the sanctity of the priesthood, and (e) restore faith and trust in the Church.

Steve Parisien

Steve Parisien goes to trial on Tuesday. The past few months  have been an emotional roller coaster for Steve and his family. Keep them all in your prayers. they  needs them. And please, give Steve a hand financially.  It costs money to mount a defence.  Every dollar helps.

Enough for now,Sylvia


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