I can dream

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Something bizarre happened to this posting.  It was nothing but symbols.  I re-did it.  Apologies..


Hearings resume 10 September 2007.

I believe I have posted most of the information I have at hand on Father Gaetan Deschamps. Between that and getting other new postings up the day is well gone. With money flowing like water at the Weave Shed I’m seriously considering applying for funding for a housekeeper, and a cook a secretary with strong computer skills.  Wouldn’t I love it?!

I can dream!

Anyway, a few questions regarding Father Gaetan Deschamps:

(1) Why did Father Deschamps leave Prince Albert?

(2) Why did Father Deschamps not become incardinated in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall after he relocated in the early 90’s?

(3) Why was Father Deschamps at Southdown?

(4) Why was Father Deschamps unable to officiate at a wedding in his extended family in 1991? Had he been stripped of his priestly faculties for a period of time? If yes, why?

(5) Bishop Paul Andre Durocher was advised of the sex abuse allegations against Deschamps in late June or early July. Why is Father Deschamps still in charge of and involved with Family Life Ministry?

(6) How long has Father Deschamps been involved with Spectrum?

(7) Why did it take Bishop Durocher six weeks to issue a press release advising of the allegations?

(8) Did the Bishop of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan issue a Press Release in Prince Albert?

(9) Were there any sex abuse allegations against Father Deschamps in Prince Albert? If yes, how many?

(10) Have there been any sex abuse allegations against Father Deschamps in the Cornwall area? If yes, how many?

For those who believe there is no potential threat to children with Father’s involvement in Family Life Ministry I will simply say that two things: (1) those who participate in family life programs have children and generally place a naïve trust in a priest charged with such a ministry, and (2) every priest should be living a chaste and holy life, no less so those who advise, guide and provide spiritual direction at diocesan sponsored and sanctioned programs.

And, speaking of Southdown, Father John Loftus has apparently been dropped from the commission’s roster of priestly “experts.”  He will not be called to give contextual evidence.  However, unless he has been quietly removed, Loftus remains a member of and can continue to exert his influence on the Advisory Panel.

Seems that by accident or design the commission has had a rough time finding Roman Catholic priests capable of testifying as “expert” witnesses who will call sin sin and believe that priests can and should be holy and live chaste lives…
Enough for now,


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2 Responses to I can dream

  1. John MacDonald says:

    Father Gaetan Deschamps passed away in Cornwall at 5am this morning. Dare I say: yet again more secrets brought to the grave.

    John MacDonald

  2. Sylvia says:

    Thanks John. I just posted what I could find for an obituary on his page.

    Lots of memories tied into Father Gaetan Deschamps.

    I discovered that a “Pedophile Alert” flier which was distributed all around Cornwall has not been re-posted on The Inquiry. Ditto some of the media articles which were published when word first got out that Father Deschamps was a molester. . I will try to get those re-posted this weekend. People need to know.

    Back in 2017 I talked to a victim of Father Deschamps. He didn’t want to go to police for fear of upsetting his mother.

    So now Father Deschamps has gone to meet his Maker. Has he, I wonder, denied what he did to that boy?

    Anyway, I will get the links of the Father Gaetan page up to date.

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