Oblate priest to testify

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Hearings resume at 09:30 am this morning (Tuesday, 28 August 2007). Father Frank Morrissey, an Oblate priest and canon lawyer will take the stand to give contextual evidence.

New information and articles are posted on the Frank Morrissey page.

I don’t know what plans the commission has regarding questioning of Father Morrissey as an expert witness. I do hope he is asked the following:

(1) Was Father Charles MacDonald a good student during his priestly formation at St. Paul University?

(2) Were there any complaints filed regarding Father MacDonald’s behaviour during his years in seminary?

(3) Why was Jacques Leduc accepted into the faculty of canon law without the necessary pre-requisites?

(4) Was Father Paul Marchese a good student at St.Paul seminary?

(5) Were there any complaints filed against Marchese during his seminary years?

(6) Where is Paul Marchese now?

(7) Is it appropriate for a Roman Catholic seminary/university to retain/hire known clerical sexual predators as professors?

(8) Does a diocese (i.e., the bishop) have a moral obligation to alert “the faithful” (i.e., parishioners) when a known paedophile is, unbeknownst to them, functioning in some capacity in their diocese?

There are more. But that would be a good start.


No chance to look through the transcripts. I’ll try during the day 🙂

And that’s enough for now,



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