A bit of a muddle

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Carson Chisholm will return to the Weave Shed on Thursday afternoon (30 August 2007) to continue the process of filing for standing and funding.

It seems at this point he will file the application on behalf of the Coalition for Action.

Initially Carson’s lawyer Frank Horn argued for standing for Carson as an individual.  After some discussion and exchanges and a comment from Justice Normand Glaude that if he wants full standing he would have to file on behalf of the Coalition, Horn seemed to concur.

Glaude was most anxious to know if Perry and Helen Dunlop would also be represented.  Horn was unsure, but did note that he knows Perry and Helen Dunlop have been subpoenaed.  At that Glaude remarked dryly that the subpoena is an out-of-province subpoena.

It seemed to me it never was made clear if or not the Dunlops would be represented by the Coalition, however Glaude seemed to think they might be and later asked if Perry and Helen would testify if the Coalition were granted standing.

Frank Horn, who seemed unfamiliar with the inquiry process, has until Thursday to get this all straightened out and file a formal affidavit.  The application will be heard on Thursday afternoon (30 August 2007).  Whether this transpires before or after Ron Leroux’ application for the same I don’t know, but Ron is scheduled for 14:00 hours (2 pm) Thursday.  The commission will be hearing both Ron’s application for standing and funding and addressing the motion to excuse.

I will go through the transcripts tonight and pull out some of the more salient points.  There were a few.  But, in truth it was all a bit of muddle.

Thursday could be a long long day!!!

I’ll get a few more pieces of info posted on Father Frank Morrissey OMI before AM


C-8 has apparently finished his testimony.

Enough for now,


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