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Two things:  (1) Next week’s schedule has been posted, and (2) More “healing” and “reconciliation” in the offing.


August 27, 2007 Application for Standing and Funding

Witness C-8

August 28, 2007 Frank Morrisey

August 29, 2007 Tom Doyle

August 30, 2007 Tom Doyle

2:00 – Motion to Excuse Ron Leroux and Application for Standing and Funding

A few quick notes on the above:

(1) It seems that C-8’s cross-examination has not be completed and will resume – in camera – on Monday after Carson Chisholm’s 2 pm application for standing and funding.

(2) Frank Morrissey is Father Frank Morrissey, an Ottawa-based Roman Catholic priest, member of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate and Canon lawyer.

(3) Tom Doyle is Father Tom Doyle.  Father Doyle is an American priest and canon lawyer who spent some years of his youth in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.

Morrissey and Doyle are probably being called to give contextual evidence for the Alexandria-Cornwall diocese/the Roman Catholic Church. More on both later.

More “healing” and “reconciliation” talk:

Cornwall’s Gail Kaneb, a member of the Advisory Panel, is hosting a series of meetings around and about Cornwall, starting Wednesday 05 September through Thursday 13 September 2007.

I posted the text of the flier, which reads in part:

Let’s talk about …

• Healing and Reconciliation in Cornwall
• Renewal
• Positive Change

”Come and make a difference”


(1) Healing.  Healing of what?  What’s the diagnosis?  Did we miss something?

There is a ring or there isn’t?

There is a cover-up or there isn’t?

There are paedophiles out roaming the streets or there aren’t?

There are sexual abuse victims or there aren’t?

In other words, what’s the diagnosis so we have an idea how to treat and thereby heal the affliction?  Does anybody know?

(2)  Reconciliation.  Reconcile what? Reconcile with whom?  “Alleged” molesters with “alleged” victims?  Molesters with victims?  Molesters with molesters?

Who’s supposed to reconcile with whom?

Reconcile with God?  With or without priests?  With or without confessions?

What kind of reconciliation?

(3)   Renewal. Renewal of what?  The city?  The diocese?  The police force? The Children’s Aid Society? The diocese? The office of the Attorney General?  The judiciary? Schools?

Renew why? Why?  Is there a problem?  What is it?

Renew when? Important.  Renew before, during, or after a diagnosis?  Before, during, or after “healing”?  Before, during, or after reconciliation?

(4)  Positive change.  What sort of positive change?  Get paedophiles off the streets?  Stiffer sentencing for molesters?  Paedophile alerts so parents can protect their children from known molesters?  Demand a joint Federal-provincial inquiry headed by out-of-province judge mandated to inquire into (a) allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up,(b) Project Truth and the sex abuse trials, (c) the commissioning of the Cornwall Public Inquiry?

What kind of positive change?

(5) Come and make a difference.

A difference to what?

This is nonsense.  Sheer and utter nonsense.

Define the problem.  Then look for solutions.


In light of the accounting of C-8s testimony, sometime tonight or tomorrow I will scan and post C-8s statement containing his sexual abuse allegations against Father Charles MacDonald.

Enough for now,



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