Will he be off the Island?

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Late start (10:00 am). All over for the viewing public at 10:15 am. Testimony of C-8 has resumed in camera.

Here’s what’s happening:

(1) The matter of excusing Ron Leroux from further cross-examination has been adjourned until 14:00 hours (2 pm) Thursday 30 August 2007.

(2) On 30 August 2007 Pardeep Chand, Ron’s lawyer, will request official standing and funding on his behalf at the Cornwall Public Inquiry. (this, amongst other things, would allow Chand to be in the Weave Shed for the remainder of the inquiry and give him the ability to cross-examine witnesses)

(3) Ron did not see the psychiatrist recommended for him by the commission. Chand in stead set up an appointment with a Dr. Ken Welburn of Ottawa for Monday, 27 August 2007. According to Chand, Welburn, a psychologist, has expertise in Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and sexual abuse.

(4) Glaude “reluctantly” allowed, but said he is not happy with, the delay: “we measure time in hours and days as much as possible.”

(5) Wilburn’s report is to be made available to all parties in the Weave Shed by 17:00 hours (5 pm) Wednesday 29 August 2007.

That’s the latest in the increasingly convoluted proceedings at the Cornwall Weave Shed.

I don’t quite understand why Chand did not pursue his application for Standing and Funding on the spot. He offered to wait till next week and Glaude concurred. However, by next Thursday C-8s testimony may well be over and done with. Therefore if Ron is granted standing and wants to cross-examine C-8 on allegations of sexual abuse C-8 would have to be recalled.

It’s just a guess, but I would think part of the impetus for Ron to seek standing is the ability to cross-examine any witness whose testimony casts a cloud over Ron?

But, who knows? Things don’t have to make sense at the Weave Shed, do they? They haven’t made sense since Attorney General Michael Bryant unveiled the flawed mandate and placed it firmly in the hands of a commissioner engulfed in Red Flags.


When hearings resume after the gathered throng wrap up today I have no idea. In or out of camera I have no idea.

My guess is they won’t wrap up with C-8 today. And my guess is hearings will resume on Monday – in camera with C-8 back on the stand.

How much “recanting” is C-8 going to do?

Will he, like Ron, have Cornwall Crown attorney Murray MacDonald off the Island by then ?

Will the Crown be out of Ken Seguin’s waterfront home?

What pillars of the community will be where when C-8 wraps up his testimony?

Who knows? As always, we will have to wait and see :).



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