It smells to high Heaven

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Hearings resume at 09:30 am this morning (Thursday 23 August 2007). The day is scheduled to begin Ron Leroux back in the Weave Shed and a ruling at some point as to whether or not he will be excused. Pradeep Chand, representing Ron, has asked that Ron be excused for health reasons. Justice Normand Glaude suggested but did not order that Ron see a psychiatrist for second opinion.

If Glaude denies the request Ron’s cross-examination by Allan Manson (Citizens for Community Renewal) will continue. Manson was the first lawyer to commence cross-examination of Ron. Since then the gathered throng has had opportunity to view a series of Ron’s videtaped interviews conducted in the late 90s by Perry Dunlop and the Ontario Provincial Police. They have also listened to on audio tape of a telephone conversation between Ron and former constable Perry Dunlop.

Whichever way Glaude rules there will probably be some argument. And, should Ron be excused there will obviously be discussion to decide the way ahead, i.e., what to do with Ron’s muddled and frequently contradictory testimony to date?

I can’t imagine that the decision would be to purge Ron’s testimony to date. It should be, but I doubt that it will. For starters, a purge would leave Cornwall Crown attorney Murray MacDonald and others stranded on Stanley Island.

Anyway, we’ll see where it goes shortly.

If the Ron Leroux debacle wraps up in timely fashion and he is excused, it’s back to C-8 and the exclusion of the public.

Have you read what C-8 has had to say in the lock-down? He was never molested by Father Charles MacDonald?!!! He made it all up to make Perry Dunlop feel good?!!!

I feel like I’m living in La La Land.

Will C-8 take Murray MacDonald off the Island while he’s at it? I just wouldn’t be surprised. That’s where it’s at at the Weave Shed these days.

That C-8 alleges he was molested by Ron comes as no great surprise. But C-8’s testimony that he lied to Perry does. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise, and that I should be beyond surprise, but, I am surprised. True enough I could see that things were suddenly steam rolling in a particular election-friendly direction, and true I tried to guess what C-8 might say to further the case that Perry Dunlop is a rogue cop, male victims are liars and countless men of God and pillars of the community have been falsely accused. But he lied to make Perry feel good?!!

Too much! Too too much!!!

Does no one smell a rat? Does no one realize something’s rotten in the state of Denmark? It smells to high Heaven.

Anyway, in rapid succession the commission has called one alleged victim who is also an alleged molester come up with a muddled mess of quasi-recantations and scarce-veiled animosity toward Perry. And we have a victim – also, incidentally, an alleged molester – who has recanted allegations of childhood clerical sexual abuse and said he lied about the latter allegations to make Perry feel good.

What’s going on? What the heck is going on?

It makes me positively sick to my stomach to think of the various possibilities. It truly does..

And that’s

Enough for now,


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