More in camera?

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Here we go again…

C-8, who was summonsed to testify against his will, wants to give his testimony in camera. A letter from his psychologist apparently outlines and supports that postion.

Lead commission counsel Peter Engelmann supports the position, as does Allan Manson (Citizens for Community Renewal) and Dallas Lee (Victims Group) and Mr. Bennett (Men’s Project).  David Sheriff Scott (the Alexandria-Cornwall diocese and Bishop Eugene Larocque) supports an in camera hearing due to concerns that if Ron Leroux returns to the stand he may hear some of C-8’s testimony.

Those who may argue against in camera testimony have been given 15 minutes to discuss their position.

If C-8’s testimony can not be heard in public I firmly believe he should not be heard at all.  Should the session be in camera the public will never know what went on. It’s a public inquiry.


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