The circus continues

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I posted Keith Ouellett’es Survivor Impact Statement.

Lunch time at the Weave Shed, and, thanks to the flawed mandate, another circus was playing out before the gathered throng departed.

Believe it or not, Justice Normand Glaude believes it’s irrelevant to the mandate whether or not two Cornwall police officers did or did not threaten to put two bullets in Keith Ouellette’s head if he didn’t stop saying he was sexually abused by Ken Seguin, Richard Hickerson and others!

Just to put this into perspective, of late – and at the 11th hour of victim witnesses – the inquiry suddenly, mysteriously and obviously belatedly plunged head long into addressing allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up.  And prior to that, sometime after we had been told that the inquiry has nothing to do with Project Truth,  a number of victims were given the fourth degree in efforts to determine with finite precision what former Constable Perry Dunlop wore and did or did not say, and who he met, and when and where.

The Perry questions are somehow construed as relevant to the mandate. But, the fact that a victims testifies that  two police men roughed him up and threatened to kill him if he didn’t stop talking about what sexual atrocities Ken Seguin and Richard Hickerson did or did not inflict upon him is irrelevant?  That’s not part of the institutional response?

What am I missing here?  How is that not pat of the institutional response?   I’d say it’s a very explicit response.  What else can it be?  I’d also say it goes to the allegations of paedophile ring and cover-up which have been plaguing the community.

But, no.  True or false is irrelevant.  According to Glaude how the institutions responded is relevant.

But, according to Keith,  that’s precisely how they responded!!!

A circus!! It continues.

I know it’s fact that from day one the veracity of the sexual abuse was deemed irrelevant.  No one cares if paedophiles are out on the streets, and no one cares if victims have been erroneously painted as liars.  But I always understood it was only the veracity of the sexual abuse allegations which were on No Man’s Land.

Not so.  Sometimes it seems the determining the veracity of the allegations regarding the institutional response itself are verboten..

Rest assured I’m not the only one confused here.  When Glaude very curtly brought matters to an end around 1250 hours (12:50 pm) to recess for lunch those in the Weave Shed were trying to make sense of it all.   And I’m not the only who’s confused.  No one in the Weave Shed seems to know whether this is or isn’t part of the mandate and what exactly Glaude had to say about it.

A circus.

A belated return from lunch.  2:30 pm and they just now back.  Obviously the matter was on the plate over the lunch plate.

Enough for now,


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1 Response to The circus continues

  1. prima facie says:

    I’m not confused Sylvia. You have said it from “the beginning”; “The Mandate is Flawed!!.”

    PUBLIC OPINION FORMING, Social Engineering, “Agent Provocateur”:

    Desperation being experienced by those who have “just cause” to feel desperation, is further evidenced by the veiled, “re-deploying” of previous and current Ontario politicians…..back into the “Inquiry” debate, to influence/”steer” public opinion.

    On Friday, August 17, 2007, Ontario M.P.P. Peter Kormos defended the public inquiry and talked about “the truth”, including his interpretation of the “objectives” of the “Cornwall Public Inquiry”. (see news article on Sylvia’s webpage)

    His interpretation is brutally flawed.

    Based on his comments, Mr. Kormos is either totally ignorant of the actual “mandate”, or he believes WE are complete morons!!!….any bets?

    On Tuesday, August 21, 2007, “The Shadow”, Garry Guzzo, re-appeared with a profound, implied, call for justice, wherein he appealed that the accused should come forward and testify at the inquiry. (see news article on Sylvia’s webpage)

    Oh, this sounds so lovely….aren’t they wonderful?

    Do you think Mr. Guzzo is for real?…GET REAL!!!

    Sorry, I lost faith a long time ago.

    I believe……I know, Mr. Kormos and especially Mr. Guzzo are intelligent, educated, experienced and brilliantly “INFORMED”, on matters of Public Administration, Social Policy, The Law, Legislature, etc., etc. Mr. Guzzo is/was a Judge.

    BOTH of the aforementioned men, unambiguously know the disclosed and undisclosed boundaries, “rules” and flexibility “the system” is willing to allow, regarding “issues” like “The Cornwall Public Inquiry.”

    Mr. Kormos and Mr. Guzzo clearly know that their statements about “the truth” and “should come forward and testify” don’t have a snowball’s chance in “hell” and will NEVER become reality, because “THE MANDATE” does not allow for it. Furthermore, Judge Glaude clearly does not want to swim into “deeper waters”.

    The words by these two politicians were for “public consumption” and self-“adoration”……”look at me…look at me…laddy-da-da…look at me.”

    Mr. Kormos and Mr. Guzzo know their “empty” words are only said to placate and satiate the “public’s” hunger for information. And, to “steer” public opinion.


    I believe THIS INQUIRY MUST BE STUDIED BY SCHOLARS, SOCIOLOGISTS, ANTHROPOLOGISTS, etc, etc., but not for the reasons you think….. I believe “The Inquiry” is exhibiting many of the signs/symptoms present in a closed, abusive, dysfunctional system.

    HOWEVER, after “denial”, “blame” and “anger”, it will be getting close to the time the “whistleblower” MUST be thrashed and blamed again, because if it wasn’t for him-her-them, “we wouldn’t be going through this now.”

    As in any “dysfunctional, closed and abusive” system, the person(s) who reveals the “abuse” must be scorned, blacklisted, ignored, demeaned, ostracized, humiliated, thrashed, punished, etc…….Bring on Perry Dunlop et al.

    I believe, “The Cornwall Public Inquiry” is a “blueprint”, detailing the stages, signs and symptoms, of an “abusive”, “closed system.”

    I urge you to “search” a definition and/or “Google”, “social provocateurs” or “agent provocateur” and see who is amongst us.

    For me, people who take a risk of losing everything, people who step forward and “speak out”…..people, like Perry Dunlop, Helen Dunlop, Carson Chisholm, Byron in Newfoundland, Mike in Seattle and the others like them who define “true guts”…..YOU are my hero’s and GOD BLESS YOU.

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