We have to wait…

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Will Ron Leroux be back to complete his cross-examination?  He and we have to wait – we apparently won’t know until Thursday 23 August 2007.

And, it’s all over for the day.  I missed the return of the gathered throng so will have to wait for the transcripts for details.  I shut down my weary computer for a few moments to refresh it and that was enough.  It was only a matter of moments –  but that was enough to miss Justice Glaude’s recap of in camera events.  Terribly frustrating!  I suppose that’s just the way it goes when the viewing and paying public is locked out at “public” inquiries which are equipped with all sorts of costly technological widgets and gadgets to further “transparency “.

Anyway, as I understand it from other sources Justice Glaude has decided not to take Dr.Nadler’s word re Ron’s mental state of health and is seeking a sort of second opinion.  Ron has been referred to a psychiatrist.  Lead commission counsel Peter Engelmann apparently came up with a name and an appointment has been set for tomorrow.

Ron and his lawyer are to be back in Weave Shed at 10:00 hrs on 23 August 2007 at which time Glaude will have the psychiatrist’s report in hand and apparently will be ready to rule on whether or not Ron will/can return to resume his cross-examination.

I will check the transcripts on all of this tonight.  I have a number of thoughts on this whole fiasco but want to see the transcript first 🙂
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