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Hearings resume in the Weave Shed and by webcam at 09:30 am this morning (Wednesday 15 August 2007).

Today Ron Leroux’ psychologist Dr. Wayne Nadler and various parties will present their arguments regarding a 30 July 2007 Nadler letter addressed to lead commission counsel Peter Engelmann. Commission counsel apparently feel duty bound to disclose the letter to all parties. Nadler apparently does not want it released. Ron’s lawyer, who was not in the Weave Shed for the duration of Ron’s testimony to date, apparently initially agreed the letter should be released.

I got the impression the letter was about to released to all parties, however a breaking news article in yesterday’s online Freeholder indicates it has not. That article also indicates that speculation abounds that Ron will not return to resume/complete his cross-examination. That was certainly my gut feel, but with Ron bodily present in the Weave Shed yesterday I was no longer sure. We will find out soon enough. If arguments wrap up in a timely fashion and if Ron is prepared and deemed fit to resume cross-examination we may see Paul Manson (Citizens for Community Renewal) resume cross-examination today. (Manson was the first of the many lawyers in the Weave Shed to cross-examine Ron: His cross-examination had scarcely begun on 29 June 2007 when hearings recessed for the summer.)


Unfortunately and for whatever reason the content of the taped 30 May 1997 phone call between Perry Dunlop and Ron Leroux is not included in the transcript of yesterday’s hearings. I will get a copy at some future date.


Note in the Freeholder article that eight sequential minutes are missing from a 1997 OPP videotaped interview with Ron Leroux. Since a transcript of the missing minutes exists it sounds as though this perhaps boils down to a technological glitch. But, who knows? This is Cornwall. We may be hearing more on this….

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