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I’m back from a wonderful family reunion and vacation in beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia – lots of laughter, a few tears, many trips down memory lane and, of course, scenery to die for 🙂

Hearings resume at 2 pm this afternoon (Monday 13 August 2007). Ron Leroux’ cross examination is scheduled to continue this afternoon, all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday. The plan before the summer recess was to continue viewing several of Ron’s videotaped interviews. I am unsure if we will be able to view along: there was an order to have the videos edited to ‘redact’ several names and possibly remove sexually explicit material. Whether or not this has been accomplished I don’t know, and if it has will the edited version be shown on the webcam while the unedited version is shown in the Weave Shed? Or will it be the edited version for everyone? There is no way of knowing other than to tune in.

I have been hashing away at the “sexual improprieties” portion of Ron’s testimony since my return hoping to get it finished. I keep thinking I’ve nearly got it done and then notice something else which changes everything or creates another round of confusion and away I go poring through transcripts to try to put the pieces together in some logical, ordered fashion. I truly thought I’d breeze right through it when I got back from holidays rested and ready to go. Alas, not so. Hopefully by day’s end.

Meanwhile brush up for the next three days with a re-read of Cameron’s Point and the Ritual, Who’s On or Off the List, and Joss Van Diepen Incriminated. I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about all in the next few days and it’s apt to get more confusing by the minute….

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