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A change in plan. I just posted Joss Van Diepen Incriminated. I decided best to address Van Diepen’s application for standing and Ron’s ensuing testimony regarding Van Diepen now – it will without doubt become an issue and I am sure when the time comes Van Diepen’s lawyer will conduct a ‘vigorous’ cross-examination.

I am to and fro on the spelling of Van Diepen’s first name. Is it Jos? or Joss? I see both in the transcripts. Until I hear or find out otherwise I will stick with Joss.


Another note. I thought in Who’s on or off “the List”? I had noted my belief that the Kenny Crepe referenced in the transcript is actually Kenny Craibe. I must have simply considered making the note and failed to carry through. I have now done so.

Aside from identification purposes I don’t know that Stuart McDonald having a photo taken with Kenny Craibe outside St. Andrew’s church is particularly relevant to anything. All that can be deduced is that they both happened to be at the one and only Roman Catholic church in the small community of St. Andrew’s West for some occasion. What is of interest me is the mention of the name Kenny Craibe.

In the past Ron has described Kenny Craibe as a “buddy” of Father Charles MacDonald. Indeed, according to Ron Charlie used to chase Craibe away from the rectory because Kenny Craibe was “too blatant.” True or false I have no idea, but I do know that Kenny Craibe, a tailor by trade and resident of St. Andrew’s West, was both viewed kindly by locals and was very public about his homosexuality. More to the point, I also know that sometime in the mid 90s Kenny Craibe’s body was found floating in the St. Lawrence canal. Craibe’s untimely death is viewed by some as an unsolved mystery. Any further information in that regard would be greatly appreciated. (I believe Craibe was in his 50s when he died)


Strange: Father Charles MacDonald has not had legal representation in the Weave Shed since Kevin Upper testified 31 May 2007. Unless there are errors in the transcripts I can find no sign nor hint nor hide of any one of Charlie’s lawyers in attendance since then: not during Gerry Renshaw’s testimony nor that of Ron Leroux.

Strange indeed! Were they fired? Are they on strike? Are they boycotting? Or are they busy with other things? What’s going on?


On that note it’s back to and on with Ron’s testimony regarding “sexual improprieties.” I do want to get it done before I head off for holidays 🙂

So, that’s enough for now,



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