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Canada Day celebrations and the long weekend are behind us.  The Cornwall Public Inquiry is on summer break until 14 August 2007.  And I’ll carry on….

I have lots of catching up to do on testimony and a lot of fixing up to do on the website.  I’ll take advantage of the weeks ahead to pick away at it all and also to slow down a little to smell the flowers, enjoy the sunshine, take a bit of vacation and get my house in order 🙂  Aside from vacation time in early August I will continue to blog as I wade through transcripts and add new material to the site.

For today there’s something very important I want to draw to you attention in Justice Glaude’s 29 June 2007 Statement, specifically “notices of misconduct.”

I do believe that Ron Leroux, through his mysterious recantations and inferences that Perry Dunlop fabricated huge chunks of Ron’s statements/affidavits, has handed Justice Normand Glaude and his counsel all they needed to issue notices of misconduct to a number of persons.

I want to make a couple of comments on that and raise a few questions, but first I’ll quote from Glaude’s statement and the referenced section 5 (2) of the Public Inquiries Act.

Justice Glaude’s 29 June 2007 statement:


The Public Inquiries Act:

Section 5 (2) of The Public Inquiries Act reads:

5. (2) No finding of misconduct on the part of any person shall be made against the person in any report of a commission after an inquiry unless that person had reasonable notice of the substance of the alleged misconduct and was allowed full opportunity during the inquiry to be heard in person or by counsel.  R.S.O. 1990, c. P.41, s. 5 (2).

The inquiry which wasn’t going to force anyone to do anything and presumably had nothing to do with Project Truth is about to switch horses in midstream – again.  Pressure will now be exerted to force Perry Dunlop onto the stand to testify at an inquiry with a flawed mandate commissioned by an institution heavily implicated in allegations of a ring and cover-up and before a judge engulfed in red flags who long ago and behind closed doors decided that the “rumour” and “innuendo” swirling around Cornwall on his arrival are false (and that was well before a single victim/ “alleged” victim took the stand to testify and, I have reason to believe, well before Ron Leroux had decided to recant).

Anyway, as I understand it Ron Leroux’ muddled testimony is the icing on the cake – Ron has given the commission all the fodder it needed, and I would say wanted, to issue notices of misconduct to a number of persons.  He has essentially testified that large and significant portions of his signed statements and affidavits are lies which were added to his allegations by Perry Dunlop and/or Perry’s lawyer of the day, Charles Bourgeois.  I believe it goes without saying that on the heel’s of Ron’s revised ‘story’ and the upcoming testimony of C-8 Perry will be issued a notice of misconduct which presumably would give him opportunity to defend himself.  (C-8, who eluded charges of sexual abuse himself some years ago, also, according to the powers that be, turned tables on Perry by claiming that Perry told him to lie.)

I believe it goes without saying that Perry is at the top of the short list and will be issued a notice of misconduct.  Whether or not that would lure the ‘legally’ battered, brusied and bleeding ‘whistleblower’ into the Weave Shed/coliseum I have no idea. But, I do believe that’s the plan. Get him into the coliseum for the grand, pre-ordained and public shoot- the-messenger finale. No ring.  No cover-up.

I also believe Charles Bourgeois is on the short list.  I am inclined to think too that it is highly probable that Perry’s wife Helen and brother-in-law Carson Chishom are high on the list, the commission ‘theory’ no doubt being that all were party to Perry’s “conspiracy” to falsely, and just for the fun of it and for lack of anything better to do with his life and time and career and reputation, accuse prominent men in the community of horrendous illegal acts, sexual and/or other.

Some questions:

(1) Once again I must ask: what and/or who prompted Ron Leroux to recant large and significant portions of his previously consistent allegations?

(2) When precisely did Ron first declare he was going to recant? and to whom?

(3) Will anyone demand the disclosure of all inquiry/Ron Leroux notes and tapings?

(3)  Will Ron Leroux be charged with perjury for repeating allegations to police officers which he now says are lies? and if not, why not?

(4) Does anyone think justice, truth and/or Perry Dunlop stands a chance at this presumably non-Project Truth “inquiry” which remains under the firm thumb and control of an institution heavily implicated in the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up, namely the office of the Attorney General?

(5) Is this “inquiry” encouraging or discouraging police officers and/or other citizens to blow the whistle when it should be blown??

(6)  Is this inquiry encouraging or discouraging disclosure from men who have been reluctant to come forward with their allegations that they endured childhood sexual abuse at the hands of men who were/are pillars of the community?

(7) Is this “inquiry” advancing or hindering the interests of paedophiles in general and men who prey on boys in particular?

(8)  Why was Steve Parisien not issued a notice of misconduct and given opportunity to defend himself in the Weave Shed against allegations which arose in the Weave Shed?  What I mean is, in Steve’s instance why did Glaude break with inquiry policy, publicly imply guilt and turn Steve over to “the proper authorities”? Why no notice of misconduct for Steve?

Yes indeed, the “alleged” paedophiles of Cornwall can keep right on sleeping tight.  As long as they and “the system” have a Perry Dunlop to villify they’re all snug as a bug in the proverbial rug.

And that’s enough for now,


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1 Response to The short list

  1. Byron Prior says:

    Our Supreme Courts are Corrupt and Controlled by Criminals. On Thursday, June 28, I had to return to the Supreme Court after the Government Lawyer asked for another month because they were considering dropping the charges, another buy for time. This Thursday, the same result, another month, now it’s July 27/07 and they tell my Government Appointed Legal Aid Lawyer, they may drop charges but the RCMP are now talking with one of my sisters and they may lay new charges. You would think after all these years and they say they spoke with my sisters, their info would be in order, would they need to tighten up their story first? No surprise for this complete cover-up and self protection mode of our corrupt system, with The History of Court System control and corruption here.

    In 2005, January, I was charged with Slander by Liberal MP Bill Matthews and Lawyer Steven May. I was kept in the Supreme Court all that year by Chief Justice Derek Green, Premier Danny Williams, Matthews & May, his lawyer, until November, than Justice Green, Froze my counter claim and no-one but a Lawyer could see it, only with his permission and no copies made of it. I was told they would contact me in April or May of 2006 and a complete Publication Ban on my case, I haven’t heard from them since. SO, in April of 2006, I went to Ottawa, at Parliament to protest what has happened to my family, My MP Norman Doyle took all my info and delivered it by hand to Justice Minister Vic Toews, he asked New Brunswick MP Rob Moore and a Lawyer from his Dept. Andrew House to review my case and make reports. For 7 months I stayed in Ottawa every day with my info and signs at Parliament until the end of October, nothing happened. In December Andrew House called me to say the review was complete and the file was on the appropriate desk in the Federal Justice Dept. but no-one contacted me about it and the Dept changed to Rob Nickerson at that time.

    I decided to go to NFLD. Confederation Building in late 2006, December and early January 2007 and give out my info, I was arrested and charged with Deflamatory Liabel by the Nfld. Constabulary and kept in court until now and when they finish, now the RCMP will take over to continue to cover-up for Themselves, The Provincial Government, The Federal Government and hope they can completely destroy me and my Family, the VICTIMS, while they wait for their CRIMINAL T. ALEX HICKMAN to die as they did with our mother. GREAT CANADIAN SYSTEM, Criminals Honor and Cover-up For Their Criminals while the Victims are destroyed, and I have to sit and watch them CELEBRATE CANADA DAY. Great country for them but not for victims they leave behind while they LIE, CHEAT and STEAL their way to power.

    Abused & Persecuted by our Legal System
    Byron Prior

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