Who’s off the island?

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As all well know by now Ron Leroux has recanted major and significant portions of his allegations.  He now claims certain of his mysteriously recanted allegations were either lies initiated by him or fabricated by Perry Dunlop.  Ron has also implied that he was coerced and manipulated by Perry Dunlop and Charles Bourgeois (Perry’s lawyer at the time) to stick with what he now claims were false allegations.

With that in mind please read the article  Inquiry tainted by judge’s Cornwall roots, say victims.  Note the following:

The discovery has upset people close to the inquiry, including victims like Ron Leroux:

“I feel like they’re going to make another cover-up, or they’re going to dance around it. They’ve been dancing around it for me since 1956,” said Leroux.

That was two years ago.  What happened between then and now?

An interesting sideline here:  I recall bumping into Ron on my way into the Weave Shed a few months ago, I think before Christmas.  I asked would he be called to testify.  He said he didn’t know – that the inquiry (i.e., commission) didn’t seem to want him as a witness but it was still all up in the air.  He said that if the inquiry didn’t want to put him on the stand he might be a witness for either the Citizens for Community Renewal or the Victims Group.

Whether Ron had decided to recant or not at that time I have no idea, but, if he was being honest with me – and at that moment in time I had no cause to believe otherwise –  I got the distinct impression that the commission had not decided at that late hour that it wanted Ron on the stand. However, if he had indeed decided to recant at that time and was of the mind the commission didn’t want him as a witness I can’t for the life of me imagine that the Victims Group was even considering having him take the stand as its witness.  Why would the Victims Group put a witness on the stand whose recantations would give fodder to those who like to paint all Cornwall scandal sex abuse victims as liars! It makes no sense.

Anyway, it’s all rather puzzling not to mention disturbing.  What’s happened to Ron?  Was he threatened? Intimidated? Bought off? Black-mailed? Perhaps, hopefully, in due course we shall find out.

Ron is scheduled back on the stand 14th and 15th of August.  That means he was six long weeks to think about his testimony and recantations and equal time not to talk to a single soul about it. That’s a long time!

So, as it stands Ron’s cross-examination will continue on the 14th and probably on that day two more of his videotaped interviews will be played.  Because of confidentiality issues the videos will not be broadcast via webcam, however, those in the Weave Shed at the time, public included, will be permitted to view the videos.

An important note here, Justice Normand Glaude has kindly asked that a process of cleaning up the videos for public consumption commence so that the videos can eventually be publicly aired.  That is good.  In this instance it’s not so much the content which is of public interest as Ron’s demeanour. Terri Saunder’s has already indicated that in the first video viewed in camera Ron looked calm.  That’s important.  Equally important, to me at least, is a comparison of his demeanour in the videos and his demeanour on the stand at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

Note that yesterday I said hearings resume on 13 August 2007.  That, as noted above, has been changed to 14 August 2007.  Those two days – 14 and 15 August – have been squeezed in to the schedule  to accommodate the over-run on Ron’s testimony.  I have my druthers that two days will do the job, but perhaps if need be they can run over into the Thursday, 16 August 2007?

I plan to go through Ron’s testimony to date to sort out who, according to Ron’s recantations, is now on or off Stanley Island and/or in or out of Ken Seguin’s waterfront home.  I am lost.  I also want to see if there are threads linking who and what has been recanted. I will then compile a list or chart of who, according to Ron is on or off the island.

A reminder: Ron Leroux is not the sole witness to the comings and goings and doings of prominent men in the community.

And, a question:  Have you ever seen such desperation as in those who are now ecstatically jumping up and down with glee to take as truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth the word of man dubbed as liar for years who has mysteriously morphed overnight into a self-professed liar who has actually been caught lying about his so-called past lies on the stand?

Enough for now,


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  1. prima facie says:


    1) A couple of weeks ago and seemingly “out-of-nowhere” the local mainstream news media informed Cornwall and Area residents that an “accused” convicted of sexually assaulting more than one victim, was recently sentenced to a five year jail term. SHOCKINGLY, innocent citizens and their children were kept in the dark during the years leading up to this public disclosure!! We also learned, in the same press release, that a Judge “ordered” a “PUBLICATION BAN” on the entire affair, from the beginning. The “accused” had entered a plea of guilty in 2005 and was sentenced in 2007. WHO was this “Judge”? What were the factors and motivations compelling a “publication ban”? What was the status of the accused between 2005 and the Spring of 2007? Are we to “trust” Justice and assume we are/were safe? ARE WE OUTRAGED?

    2) During “ongoing” testimony by a sworn witness at the Cornwall Public Inquiry, it is my expressed opinion the Province of Ontario’s Attorney General’s Office pulled what could be easily construed and argued to be, “Obstruction of Justice”, “Miscarriage of Justice”, etc., when they intentionally, arbitrarily and maliciously dispatched a news release to the world disputing the witness’ “ongoing” testimony, thereby intending to discredit the witness, influencing public opinion and “tainting” the Inquiry proceedings. The Attorney General’s Office, provided uncorroborated information and unambiguously implied that, the witness was not telling the truth.

    In the opening stages of the Cornwall Public Inquiry, The Attorney General’s Office applied for “Standing” and was granted “Standing” at the Inquiry in their effort to defend themselves against allegations of “improprieties” and/or severe “incompentencies”, relating to how they handled allegations of “abuse” (“sexual abuse”????)in the community, among other things.

    In addition, the “sitting” Commissioner of the Cornwall Public Inquiry is Judge Glaude, who is “paid” by the Attorney General’s Office. This week, Judge Glaude failed to “address” the above-mentioned impropriety by the Attorney General’s Office. Nor did Judge Glaude enter his remarks into the record as he did in a previous matter (see Steve Parisien), implying that “the proper authorities” should do what they have to do.


    3) Recently, “OUT OF NOWHERE,” a witness, previously viewed by many as an “outcast”, appeared at the Cornwall Public Inquiry, to testify. His testimony is legally “ongoing”, despite a “summer break” in the proceedings/hearings. Ron Leroux (the “outcast”-witness), appears to be dramatically changing testimony he had previously made in Affidavit(s)that he had sworn to.

    It is represented he had also made the same statements and similar statements in other, disclosed/undisclosed, written “work”, visual work, or audio-visual, “recording, taping” devices.

    Without clear explanation for the motivation behind the “dramatic changes” in testimony and without inquiry into the witnesses behaviours or disposition since in or about 1996 to June 2007, and furthermore, without corroborating testimony or proof, supporting the “changes” Ron Leroux is making in his most recent testimony;

    a)….the Public Inquiry appears to be motivated in pursuing other avenues against blacklisted Police Constable Perry Dunlop et al,

    b)….Lawyers for the “defense” and the “accused” and/or “alleged accused” having Standing at this Cornwall Public Inquiry, is/are permitted, with impunity, to further influence public opinion and the Inquiry proceedings, when influential lawyer, David Sherriff-Scott, declares to the mainstream news media and therewith the world, among other things, that Ron Leroux’s “current testimony” is; “proof many of the pillars upon which rumours of a clan of pedophiles having operated in the city for years have no foundation” (see article by Terri Saunders, Cornwall Standard-Freeholder entitled “Clan claims are crumbling” dated Friday, June 29, 2007-08:00″)….with impunity!!!

    Compare David Sherriff-Scott’s behaviours and influence(Lawyer for the “accused” and “alleged accused”), with the above-mentioned, unchallenged, uncriticized, avoided, behaviours of the Attoney General’s Office…..and perceptions of “obstruction” etc.(see also Steve Parisien)

    c)….surrounding Ron Leroux, no one appears to be “entering into the record” or publicly addressing or considering, his obvious frail, psychological and physiological status.

    d)….in my opinion, lazily, following in David Sherriff-Scott’s “lead”, “The Canadian Press” or “CP” (“google” The Canadian Press”), which professes, “…The Last Word. First”, dispatches similar, malicious and misleading, misinformation. “The Canadian Press” is a “Newsgathering and news-sharing process.”  Basically, they are a “news source” which, among many things, then “sends” and/or “sells” the news to “outlets” who inform us on tv, radio, internet, newspaper, etc. INFLUENCED?? “THE bLAST WORD. FIRST.”…..premature, “CP”

    In this light, unfortunately, “The Ottawa Sun web extra, 29 June 2007, By CP,” published the interview with David Sherriff-Scott’s, unfounded, malicious, biased and prejudiced assertions. “THE HEADLINER” of the article was entitled, “Now, the truth comes out“; “Witness tells child abuse inquiry he hied in many of his allegations.”

    Regarding this matter, IF PEOPLE WERE TO TALK, many residents of Cornwall and Area, many victims, alleged victims, survivor’s, professionals and laymen, will, in my opinion, vigorously assert, that the title, “Now the truth comes out” is itself, anything but the truth!!!  …NOT the truth, but is intentionally or through error, a malicious misrepresentation to influence public opinion and the inquiry proceedings. I believe, they will further assert that, David Sherriff-Scott’s representations are in fact, misrepresentations and are motivated by either his attempt to influence the Inquiry proceedings or is a result of being exploited because of his naivite.


    FINALLY: See The Cornwall Standard-Freeholder, Saturday, June 30, 2007-08:00 By Terri Saunders, entitled, “Leroux appears calm on tape; Demeanour does nothing to bolster inquiry claims.”

    Terri Saunders’ article is very insightful.

    Hopefully, Terri Saunders will remain “on the case”.

    For various reason’s, with the news media, many journalists and reporters have come and gone; some voluntarily, some involuntarily. (Sylvia has mentioned “The Franklin Coverup”, have you “googled” it?)

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