They shoot horses don’t they?

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Lunch break.  Hearings resume at 2 pm (14:00 EST)

You want to see pathetic?  Watch the webcam this afternoon.  Talk about the ends justify the means!  That’s putting it mildly.

Ron Leroux started off the day with an apology for his no show yesterday afternoon.  He explained that he had doubled up his pills because he was a bit nervous.  Double dose apparently proved to be too much.  Dr. Nadler got things straightened away and, said Ron, he’s fine now.

I don’t think so.  Even lead commission counsel Peter Engelmann is starting to fray at the edges and sound like a frustrated mother scolding a naughty five-year-old:  “I asked you…I want you to focus”; “just listen to my question!”; “I’m trying to get an answer to that one question!!” 

Does testimony from a witness who’s on so many pills he can’t concentrate count?  I don’t know what’s going on, but something smells to high Heaven here.  Just the sheer fact they are pressing on with a witness who is all over the map speaks volumes.

Anyway, they are pressing on and as they press on Ron deteriorates mentally in front of our very eyes.  If I can see it on the screen surely they can see it.  For goodness sake, he’s right there in front of them.

Is the passion to get Perry Dunlop so immense, and the need to wring the multitude of recantations out of Ron so pressing that that they are willing to let the world watch what is degenerating into nothing short of a pathetic side-show?

This is insane.  Absolutely insane.

Does anyone remember a movie “They shoot horses don’t they?”  If I recall correctly it was about a dance marathon back in 40s or 50s, and the whole idea was that people would shoot a horse rather than force it to suffer what those marathoners endured.”  

That’s what’s running through my mind as I watch this charade.  Throw Ron on the stand.  Put him through his paces. And never mind a lawyer.  He doesn’t need a lawyer. Some day, by the grace of God when Ron has his wits about him again, he will look at what happened and what he was party to in that Weave Shed and weep.  And I pray that weep is the end of it.

I won’t go on.  Time is nearly up.  But I will say that I am starting to see common threads of what Ron has recanted.  Very disturbing indeed.  But, I’ll keep watching and see where it goes. 

And, by the way, Ron now says that he actually did tell Perry Dunlop that he personally witnessed altar boys with candles in their bottoms and so on.   Yesterday or the day before he virtually accused Perry and Charles Bourgeois of arbitrarily adding that to his affidavit.  Then he said he said he told them he had been told that by someone else and they went ahead and attributed it to him.  Finally he said he actually lied to them and did indeed tell them he had personally witnessed the ritual.

And, final note, in 2004 Ron made some kind of pact or agreement Ken Seguin’s brother Doug not to say certain thing.  The signed statement was introduced into evidence this morning.  By the sound of things Doug Seguin himself brought the statement to the Weave Shed and was in the bleachers for Ron’s testimony.

Enough for now, 



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