Sex abuse/inquiry victim goes to trial

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Hearings resume at 09:30 am this morning. Ron Leroux’ examination in chief is, I believe, near conclusion. Perhaps another hour or two and cross-examination will commence.

I can’t see that they will wrap up with Ron today. We shall see, but last week Justice Glaude did suggest all set Friday aside in the event there is a need to run an extra day. Then it’s summer break.


Breaking News: Sex abuse/inquiry victim goes to trial

Steve Parisien is going to trial. Steve, a sexual abuse victim and member of the Victims Group, has the unique distinction of being the first and to date only person to face criminal charges as a result of the Cornwall Public Inquiry. You will recall that for all the commission talk of loving, sharing and caring Justice Glaude took Albert Roy’s testimony at face value, refused to let Steve take the stand in self defence, washed his hands of Steve and in the blink of a judicial eye turned him over to the “proper authorities.” In an unusual and amazingly short order Steve was humiliated, frisked and handcuffed by the “proper authorities” in broad daylight and public view, arrested, ushered into a policed cruiser, whisked off to the police station and charged with obstruction of justice.

Steve’s trial is scheduled for 04 and 05 September 2007.

Trials are costly. And, as you might recall, circumstances have dictated that Steve is now on his third lawyer. Please please dig into your pockets – give what you can to allay Steve’s financial concerns at this very difficult time.

A few questions:

(1) How long did it take the “proper authorities” to charge Malcolm MacDonald with obstruction of justice? Two years? [it was actually one year]
(2) How long did it take the “proper authorities” to file sex abuse charges against Father Charles MacDonald? Four years?

(3) How long have the “proper authorities” been sitting on John MacDonald’s charges of obstruction of justice against Cornwall Crown attorney Murray MacDonald and former Crowns – now judges – Peter Griffiths and Robert Pelletier? Maybe five months?

(4) Is Justice Glaude or anyone going to turn the Attorney General over to the “proper authorities” for his bold attempt to intimidate a victim on the stand?


All Too Ridiculous

I was going to comment on “High-profile healing needed” but really, it’s all too ridiculous. “Alleged” victims are everywhere. “Alleged” paedophiles are everywhere. All that’s in the offing courtesy of the commission and our hard-earned tax dollars is another government-funded-government-controlled layer of bureaucracy and a massive and long term make work project for social engineers.

Enough for now,



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