Tumultuous week ahead

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Two quick notes on this cool but beautiful summer day:

(1) It promises to be a tumultuous week at the Weave Shed.  The schedule has been posted  on the Cornwall Public Inquiry website as follows:

June 25 – 28, 2007 Gerald Renshaw followed by Ron Leroux, last witness before the summer break.

(2) Note the publication ban protecting the identity of a convicted paedophile.  Why?  Why is “the system” shielding this particular paedophile? What church in South Lancaster was he employed as caretaker?  Was it St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church? If not, what church? 

Enough for now,



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1 Response to Tumultuous week ahead

  1. prima facie says:

    Well, one thing after another!!

    “Autocratic, Renegade, Justice System Keeps The Community In The Dark and Unsafe” is what I believe the “topic” should be.

    In Re: “Sentence of six years for sexual assault” “Cornwall Standard-Freeholder, Saturday, June 23, 2007-08:00 by: Terri Saunders”

    Sylvia; regarding the article you posted and referenced, suurounding SEXUAL ABUSE being perpetrated in the Cornwall Area DURING “Project Truth” and related investigations, when CANADA, the news media and The World had their eyes and cameras on Cornwall and Area….WOW!!!:

    Shouldn’t the “community” be outraged about this?
    Aren’t there certain criteria that MUST be met before putting a publication ban on….everything? Were proper measures taken and employed to guarantee the safety of MY CHILDREN and the children I was responsible for?
    Aren’t we OUTRAGED that there are publication bans, after publication bans ON publications, in this whole sordid affair?

    Was the, 69-year-old South Glengarry man, who cannot be identified due to a publication ban, who pleaded guilty in 2005 to sexually assaulting a pair of brothers…., “party” to the “Project Truth” investigations or more probingly, does the referenced guilty South Glengarry man, possess information that would be beneficial to “Project Truth” investigators or of interest to Commissioner Glaude? why or why not?
    Why was there a publication ban? Do publication bans of this nature protect society, inform society and better serve society? Do publication bans of this nature serve to advance confidence and trust in the judicial system, as a whole? Was the “accused” incarcerated since in or before 2005 or was he “free” or a member of a self-help recovery group for paedophiles? Was the “accused” an “elite” member or prominent citizen and/or prominent member of, a “prominent” social, economic, judicial, religious, political, secret, etc., society or community?

    How many of these “secret” type of “trials”, “hearings” and/or “proceedings”, via the justice system or through the victims compensation board or through outright “settlements”, do you know of Sylvia?
    I know of many.
    Does anyone still wonder why people perceive(d) “secrecy and cover-up”?

    Yes, Ontario and Canda are leader’s in the area of “abuse” intervention and reconciliation!!! Ha!!! Everything’s a secret and banned from public view.
    Input is subjected to reviewing or knowing about “NOTHING… a VOID…..NOTHING…it’s all banned”!!!….the blanks to be filled in with “program $$$$$ wishes”, dreamed up by special interest, civil servants, advisors and their cronies. Disgusting.

    “Praise The Lord”!!

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