Tampered transcript?

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No hearings today or tomorrow.  Gerald Renshaw’s cross-examination will resume at 1 pm (13:00 EST) Monday 25 June 2007.  Not the start time: 1 pm. 

An interesting little note on that.

When the day finally wrapped up on Wednesday there was a degree of concern as to how Gerry’s cross-examination will be completed in one day.  Other witnesses were scheduled for next week – one has already been bumped from Monday, and there was already a heads up to all that they may actually have to sit next Friday.  After that, they’re gone until August.

So, given the obvious fact that Gerry is going to undergo an interrogation aimed soley at discrediting him in order to discredit his testimony, Dallas Lee asked if they might start the day a little earlier on Monday and made specific reference to Gerry’s work schedule.  Justice Glaude suggested that 1 pm would be good.  He checked with Gerry to see if that was alright with him.  Gerry replied that he was preapred to come in early in the morning – I believe he may have said at 9 am.  At that Justice Glaude replied that, well, no, he, Glaude, has to fly in to Ottawa from Sudbury and then drive from Ottawa to Cornwall.  It had to be 1 pm.

The thing which makes this little exchange intriguing is that Gerry’s offer is nowhere to be found on the transcript!   There is no indication whatever that Gerald Renshaw offered to come in early in the morning.  I heard it.  I was taken a bit aback by it, but not enough to make comment in a blog.  But, when I noticed the absence in the transcript of Gerry’s offer I thought it warranted comment.

There’s two things here:

(1) Transcripts can be in error.  They are not necessarily an accurate reflection of what went on.  

(2) Every day Gerry is on the stand costs him money.  If he’s at the Weave Shed he can’t work.  No work, no money.  If perchance his interrogation is not completed on Monday, that means he has to take yet another day off. 

So, it seems to me that while it’s all well and good for Justice Glaude to look after his own needs, what about the victims and theirs?  Whether Justice Glaude shows up at the Weave Shed or not is irrelevant to him financially -the office of the Attorney General will still dispatch his handsome cheque.  Gerry has no such luxury.  He must now take Monday off.  If those who are anxiously lined up to tar and feather him fail to do so between 1 pm and whenever on Monday, then it’s another no-work-no-money day for Gerry.

Just for your information, here’s how the transcript reads:

 Sir, can you come back for one? That will give us an extra hour. I want to make sure that we are finished with you on Monday if at all possible. I have to fly in from Sudbury then I drive from Ottawa to here, you know. I’m doing the best I can, sir. All right?

In actuality, after Justice Glaude says “I want make sure that we are finished with you on Monday if at all possible” Gerry says that he is ready to come back Monday morning, then Glaude says “I have to fly in…”

More to come…

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  1. Panther says:

    Transcripts don’t have to be accurate???


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