Cheap, base, disgusting and vile

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Gerry Renshaw was on the stand until 6 pm yesterday (Wednesday 20 June 2007).  Nine gruelling hours!  He returns at 1 pm Monday, 25 June 2007.  There are no hearings today or Friday.

I am pondering if perhaps there is invariably and always a price to pay for those who publicly testify or whisper aloud that there is or was a paedophile ring or clan in Cornwall?  It’s starting to look that way.  Yesterday was another turning point in this non-Project Truth inquiry which saw both Peter Manderville (Cornwall Police Service) and David Sheriff-Scott (diocese/Bishop Durocher) leap from their seats in enraged protest, Manderville at mention of Claude Shaver as one who spent time at Malcolm MacDonald’s porn ridden cottage, and Sheriff-Scott at similar mention of Bishop Eugene Larocque.

It all blew up because Gerry Renshaw testified that in the time he knew probation officer Ken Seguin and the 18 months he lived at Seguin’s waterfront home in Summerstown, Ontario he saw a number of prominent men in the community coming and going at both Seguin’s home and at the Stanley Island cottage of lawyer and former Crown attorney Malcolm MacDonald which was replete with gay porn magazines and had an entire bedroom wall papered with male pin ups and gay porn.

Renshaw, as you will see shortly, identified some of those he saw at either locale.

Now “they” are going after Gerry with a vengeance.  Gerry’s examination in chief finally wrapped up around 3 pm yesterday (Wednesday 20 June 2007), someone gave the battle cry, up went the sabres and away they went.  This “alleged” victim is going to be demolished, discredited, denounced and/or humiliated by whatever means.  I literally got chills when I witnessed what has already transpired and what is just around the corner for Gerald Renshaw in that Weave Shed. To date, courtesy of David Sheriff-Scott/Bishop Durocher, the “theory” has been very publicly advanced that Gerry’s brother Bob was a male prostitute who wasn’t abused but in fact prostituted himself for money, and that Gerry following in his brother’s footsteps, did likewise.

How cheap,base, disgusting and vile can this get?

Should I be surprised?  Another victim – Bobby Renshaw –  re-victimized?  Another – Gerry – about to be drawn and quartered? No.  Of course not.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  I’ve seen what “they” did to Perry Dunlop. Not once.  Not twice.  But time and time again.  But, it doesn’t get any easier, be it Perry Dunlop under attack, or David Silmser, or Gerry Renshaw.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when it comes to the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and defending the indefensible, the end always seems to justify the means.

Anyway, for the time being I will get on with other things.  For now there are a number of points I want to cover regarding Gerry’s testimony to date. I’ll focus solely on the names entered into evidence and deal with the rest later.  Meanwhile, if you haven’t already done so, I suggest you read Gerry’s November 1996 statement.

(1) Malcolm’s Stanley Island cottage

Malcolm MacDonald – lawyer for Father Charles MacDonald, former Crown attorney, brother of convicted paedophile Milton MacDonald, uncle of Cornwall Crown attorney Murray MacDonald,  – owned a cottage on Stanley Island in the St. Lawrence river, the body of water separating Canada and the USA . The cottage was a five-minute boat ride from probation officer Ken Seguin’s waterfront home and was visible with the naked eye from Seguin’s.  With the aid of binoculars one could see who was on the cottage property.

According to Gerry the cottage was littered with gay porn.  Three bedrooms opened off the main living area.  The centre bedroom’s walls were “wallpapered” with gay porn. The porn was visible from the living room when the bedroom door was open.

Gerry testified there was gay porn “all over” the cottage, mostly magazines on the coffee tables.  It sounds as though there were at least two coffee tables in the living area.

There was also a collection of unlabelled videotapes which were identified by number.

Malcolm kept his boat at Ken’s.  If he had a large group heading over Malcolm would squire them in his boat and on “numerous occasions” Gerry would take others who, for example,  arrived later over in Ken’s boat.

There were people heading over to the cottage on a regular basis. Sometimes Gerry would have need to check with the binoculars to see who was over at Malcolm’s.

Malcolm MacDonald pled guilty to charges of obstruct justice and received an absolute discharge.  He died in Fort Lauderdale before facing a raft of sex abuse charges.

(2)  At the cottage

Gerry testified that he saw the following persons at or going to Malcolm MacDonald’s cottage:

Bishop Eugene Larocque
Father Kevin Maloney
Father Charles MacDonald
Father David Ostler
Father Ranald (Rory) MacDonald
Ken Seguin
Stuart MacDonald (former staff inspector with Cornwall Police Service. Brother-in-law of Perry Dunlop)
Ron Wilson (formerly policeman with Cornwall police. Owner of Wilson funeral home)
Claude Shaver (former Chief of Cornwall Police Service – would have been Chief at the time)
David Latreille
Jos Van Diepen (probation officer)
Andre Pommier (the son)
Dale Crowder
Ron Leroux

(3) At St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church, St. Andrew’s, Ontario

When Father Charles MacDonald was parish priest Gerry saw the following there, I gather in the rectory. Those whom Gerry testified he recalls at this time seeing there :

Father Charles MacDonald
Malcolm MacDonald
Ken Seguin
Ron Leroux

(4) At Harv’s diner on Pitt Street, Cornwall

Harv’s Diner is a restaurant owned and operated by Harvey Latour an accused paedophile.  Latour was found ‘not guilty enough’ at his Project Truth sex abuse trial. Those whom Gerry testified he recalls at this time seeing there

Charles Macdonald
Malcolm MacDonald
Ken Seguin
Ron Wilson
Jos Van Diepen
Al Laplante
Dale Crowder

Ron Leroux

(4) at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Williamstown, Ontario

When Father Charles MacDonald was parish priest at St. Mary’s Gerry saw the following individuals, I presume in the rectory.  Those whom Gerry testified he recalls at this time seeing at Williamstowne:

Father Charles Macdonald
Malcolm MacDonald
Ken Seguin
Ron Leroux

(5) At Ken Seguin’s home

See Gerry’s statement.  I have listed the following but it is incomplete.  Gerry believes many of those who were at Ken’s were there because they were en route to Malcolm’s cottage.

Bishop Eugene Larocque
Father Kevin Maloney
Father David Ostler
Father Ranald (Rory) MacDonald
Claude Shaver
Ron Wilson
Jos Van Diepen
Al Laplante
Dale Crowder
Norm Robertson
Gino (faithfully attended court with Father Charles MacDonald during Charlie’s preliminary hearings in Ottawa)
Ron Leroux

(6) Those who travelled to Florida (Fort Lauderdale)

Gerry never travelled to Florida but does recall plans being made for trips to Florida, specifically who was catching what flight and who was driving down with Malcolm and so on.  In addition Ken Seguin would talk about the trips.  He believes it was Ken who once told him  “about Malcolm picking up a young male black prostitute down there and taking him back to their — I don’t call it a motel because I believe it was an apartment in a motel.”

Gerry mentioned the following as persons he had heard were arranging trips or knew travelled to Florida:

Malcolm MacDonald,
Ken Seguin,
Ron Leroux
Ron Wilson
Bishop LaRocque
Father Charles MacDonald
David Latreille

(7) Other destinations
According to Gerry some of the group travelled to other areas such as Atlantic City and Montreal, Quebec for “peep shows, male prostitutes.”

(8) Murray MacDonald

Lead counsel Peter Engelmann neglected to ask Gerry if he had seen Crown attorney Murray MacDonald at or going to Malcolm’s cottage.

However, Darrel Kloeze (Attorney General for Ontario) rose to the occassion and jumped in to, it would seem, attempt to extricate the Crown attorney of Cornwall, Murray MacDonald, from any unbecoming environment or undesirable company:

MR. KLOEZE: Now Mr. Renshaw, if I was to suggest to you that Murray MacDonald was actually never at either Ken’s cottage — or Ken’s house or Malcolm’s cottage, what would you say to that?

MR. RENSHAW: I don’t believe it.

MR. KLOEZE: But you’re not entirely sure who Murray MacDonald actually is?

MR. RENSHAW: I know the face. I didn’t know the name; I’d never spoke to the person, you know what I mean? Like, I could come back here tomorrow and look at pictures and know that you were here but I wouldn’t remember your name.

MR. KLOEZE: And if I told you that the  evidence of Murray MacDonald, when he testifies here, will be that he never socialized with Ken Seguin or Malcolm MacDonald, and that he was never at either of their homes or cottages. What would say to that?

MR. RENSHAW: I don’t have an answer to that. I’m not him.

A reminder here that this inquiry was commissioned by the office of the Attorney General, the mandate was crafted/approved by AG personnel, Justice Glaude receives his pay cheque from that office, the same office is implicated in the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and the same office was granted standing at the inquiry.

I’ll leave it that for now. My stomach is churning 🙁

Keep Gerry and Bobby Renshaw and their families in your prayers. They will need them…

Enough for now,


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3 Responses to Cheap, base, disgusting and vile

  1. prima facie says:

    Bottom Line Is, based on my experiences, it is my opinion, whereas, “at any cost, THE SYSTEM, must SAVE-FACE, THE SYSTEM MUST WIN.” and…..believe me, in-the-end, “THE SYSTEM WILL WIN!!!”…..

    But at least, via your website Sylvia and WHEN people like Gerry Renshaw “SPEAK OUT” publicly, for now, the “facts” CAN be disclosed and citizen’s CAN be informed and people CAN blog/comment, “BREAK THE SILENCE” and interact, if they wish to.

    Keep in mind though, as more disturbing facts slide into “view” for public consumption(facts “the system” had knowledge of in or about 1992 and before), the more “THE SYSTEM’S” guard dogs will ATTACK!!
    (I suggest people “burn” and download/record this entire site now).

    It is my opinion that, although this website is NOT doing anything illegal, the “guard dogs” are getting more nervous.

    “The System”, for some reason and for whatever motive, may have misinterpreted Mr. Renshaw’s intentions, surrounding his testimony. Therefore, this Public Inquiry may JUMP entirely into Phase II of this Inquiry, quicker than previously “arranged”.

    In any event, it is my opinion that, millions of dollars have been spent, many lives have been ruined and many misrepresentations have been made, to prevent the type of testimony given by Gerry Renshaw, from seeing the light of day. Some of the “accused”, “alleged paedophiles”, the Justice System and their “protectors”, have much to lose, if the facts are “openly” disclosed.

    So, now, well, it’s “SHOWTIME”. Time to show why some of these Lawyers regularly pocket, $650.-$2500./ my opinion, of course.

    BELIEVE ME, Lawyers like David Sherriff-Scott, counselled and directed by his esteemed mentor, the “famous” David W. Scott, Q.C. (no relation), of the Law Firm, Borden, Ladner, Gervais, who, among other things, are Lawyers for the Diocese and have been since in or about 1994; they, will be eating “raw meat” over the weekend.

    When the perception of being “cornered” is lingering and in an attempt to protect their clients (reason for applying for standing at the inquiry?) “the guard dogs” will ferociously attack.

    It is my opinion, people such as Perry Dunlop, Mr. Gerry Renshaw, Sylvia’s Website, Sylvia et al, will be “the main course” for now or in the immediate future.

    In addition, I believe, “long-lost” witnesses will appear “out of nowhere”, providing testimony and other, discrediting, defaming and accusing Perry, Gerry Renshaw, his testimony, Sylvia et al.

    Historical attempts to cause destruction and sometimes the ultimate demise of “whistleblowers” and so-called non-conformers, include, “delay tactics”, such as never prosecuting or delaying prosecution of a case, so it MAY be eventually dismissed/unjustly….c’mon, get real-like, these seasoned professionals and Crown Attorney’s never learned about the legal consequences of “DELAY”. Suspicious????

    Additional attempts to cause destruction and sometimes the ultimate demise of “good people” include, “blacklisting individuals from their profession, threatening to rescind previously arranged payoffs/settlements, forcing people-businesses into bankruptcy, coercing people-businesses into precarious personal-business behaviours to be utilized as leverage against them, discrediting them, ostracizing them, filing frivolous and malicious criminal and/or civil litigations against them, etc., etc. In the latter, (like him or hate him), it is my opinion, the litigation(s, including, “Cameron et al vs Bateman et al”, and the potential criminal charges filed-brought against Dick Nadeau (, including the related “representations and pressures” brought on him by various lawyers and police organizations, contributed significantly in causing Dick’s death.

    PEOPLE like Gerry Renshaw MUST speak out!!

  2. prima facie says:

    …oh, follow-up to my last entry and your blog.

    1)Has Ottawa Lawyer Michael Neville moved to Zanzibar or where is he? Is he deliberately lying low? How about a Lawyer named Howard Yegendorf?

    2)Any news on Steve Parisien?

    3)Any news about David Silmser, personally and the Inquiries future intentions, if any?

    4)Any news about John MacDonald’s information, wherein he filed documents with local police, accusing previous Crown Prosecutor’s with “obstruction”. Thereafter the police ran off to The Inquiry Officials? It appears to me the police, The Crown and others are sitting on John’s accusations but refusing to follow-up.

    5)Are there any OUTSTANDING issues still waiting Judge Glaude’s ruling; i.e.)publication bans, redactions, production of documents ordered months ago, etc., etc?

    TIME FRAME OF THE FOLLOWING: (In the early 1990’s, just as Perry Dunlop, D.S., etc., started and the allegations about sexual abuse in and around Cornwall circulated.)

    I was standing along the St. Lawrence River, not far from my home in Summerstown, Ontario; on Highway #2 and Summerstown Road. This is also not far from Seguin’s home and homes/cottages of other “accused” or alleged paedophiles and alleged victims. A Roman Catholic boarding school(s) or similar, sits right there on highway #2.

    Also, on the more famous side, former Federal, Liberal Member of Parliament and Speaker of The House and current Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger, has a summer cottage right there, and Ed Lumley has a beautiful home nearby.

    On a sunny, warm day, standing beside my car, I watched in “awe” as a home/cottage on Stanley Island burned uncontrollably to the ground. There was no one to intervene, there were no persons around. I thought to myself, “how did that start?”

    After a couple of days, I followed-up. No one, the police, the newspaper, no one that I could find had knowledge of the fire.

    Sylvia, I believe most or all of the land on Stanley Island is the property of the Mohawk Nation, isn’t it? Land is then leased to other people, including local citizen’s.

    I have found it difficult to “search” records regarding the same.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Which property burned down? Do you know?

    As for who owns the land on Stanley Island, I have no idea. Can anyone out there help us out?

    Re your questions:

    (1) Michael Neville has been nowhere to be seen since he secured standing and funding for Charlie. Charlie has been left with a string of lawyers coming and going through a revolving door.

    (2) There is pre-trial conference in chambers scheduled for Steve Parisien Wednesday 27 June 2007. I believe he is hoping to attend. I certainly hope he can and does. He of all people should have an idea what’s going on. This has been hanging over his head for six months!

    (3) No word on David Silmser

    (4) I think you’re absolutely right – the police are sitting on John MacDonald’s complaint of obstruction of justice against Murray MacDonald, Robert Pelletier and Peter Griffiths. There has been no a boo!!! Perhaps they’re diligently investigating?

    (5) I have heard nothing of the OPP foray to Divisional Court re the definition of “historical” and the calling of a witness who says she was sexually assaulted at age 16 by two boys age 16 and 17. As far as I know that is still outstanding.


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