The truth is finally coming out

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A fiftenn minute break…

Quickly:  If you haven’t tuned in to the hearings and have the time I urge you to do so.  This is the first time specific questions have been asked of a witness about who knew who and who went where.  The questions and Gerald Renshaw’s responses evoked a mini eruption from Mr. Manderville (Cornwall Police Service) and a minor one from David Sheriff Scott (the diocese) when they placed Claude Shaver, former Bishop Eugene Larocque, and other Roman Catholic priests at Malcolm MacDonald’s cottage on Stanley Island.  The tizzie stems from related testimony that Malcolm MacDonald’s cottage had porn  magazines on the coffee tables and one bedroom, accessible and openly visible from the living room, was wallpapered with gay porn and pictures of nude males.

This will be going on well until the evening and certainly Gerry Renshaw is in for the ride of his life on cross-examination.  Re-read Gerry’s statement.

The truth is finally coming out!!!


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  1. Panther says:

    Kudos to Gerry Renshaw.

    The truth coming out would certainly be a refreshing change. It’s time to end cover ups so Canada can do a little housecleaning where it comes to the sexual abuse of it’s children and holding sex offenders accountable.

    Canada could be a leader in this venue instead of being the worlds third largest producer of child porn. One wonders where Ontario places within Canada for this overall ranking. Although I have to admit that we shouldn’t be surprised when one observes the light sentences and ‘walking via technicalities’ of sex offenders coming out of the Belleville, Cornwall, London, Kingston judicial systems. (And that just the ones I’ve been observing).


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