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An add-on to today’s blog.

I had to wait to read this in black and white to see if I actually heard what I thought I heard. I did.

This is rather puzzling. At an inquiry which can’t sort out how to define it’s terms of reference while insisting on the one hand it has nothing to do with Project Truth and on the other posing The Perry Question to one witness after the other we now have lead commission counsel professes they are looking into allegations of conspiracy, collusion and cover-up!  We heard a little whiff of this some months ago from the commissioner himself, the same commissioner who long ago decided and declared that the rumour and innuendo swirling in Cornwall are false!!! And then only days ago amidst the ruckus over the defintion of “historical” we had Peter Engelmann say this inquiry is not Project Truth 2.

Here then is the latest addition in the ever-evolving and increasingly confusing interpretations of what this inquiry is or might be all about.

Gerry Renshaw was sworn in late yesterday afternoon.  Engelmann posed the usual question:

MR. ENGELMANN: You know what we’re doing here, we’re examining the institutional response to allegations of historical abuse against young people here in the Cornwall area?


That’s usually the end of it.  But no, yesterday there was more.  Look at this:

MR. ENGELMANN: In addition to that we’re looking at some allegations in the community of collusion or conspiracy or cover-up as they relate to public institutions and how, if at all that might have affected the institutional response.

Where did this come from? I haven’t heard this put to any witness before.  If I’ve missed it, someone please let me know.  I must say it jarred my ears and the qustion which instantly flashed through my mind on the spot was: Why now?

Puzzling indeed. 



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