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Hearings resume at 09:30 am this morning (Tuesday 19 June 2007) with the resumption of the examination in chief of C-14, a witness who is testifying that he endured physical and sexual abuse while he was in care of the Children’s Aid Society.

First, a correction. There was no in camera hearing preceding the 2 pm start time yesterday (Monday, 18 June 2007) after all. What had apparently happened was the day was to start in camera, the technician didn’t realize it was to be in camera and when the in supposed in camera session commenced the cameras were running. I had to wait for the transcripts to sort that out. Also missed C-14’s moniker so had to wait for that.

So, the in camera session starting the afternoon was regarding confidentiality measures to be taken with the current witness – he is to be known by the moniker C-14, there are to be no identifiers, and the camera will not be on him. We will hear his testimony but the cameras will be on justice Glaude or the body of the Weave Shed throughout.

Sorry for the mix up there 🙂


C-14 brings yet another CAS horror story. In 1974 at age ten C-14 was made a permanent ward of the Crown. He endured both physical and sexual abuse while in care of foster parents Ken and Muriel Barber – the physical abuse from both the Barbers but primarily Ken Barber, and the sexual abuse at the hands of a 23-year-old mentally challenged farm hand living at the home.

According to C-4 Ken Barber used to kick him in the testicles with steel toe boots, chase him with a horse whip, and in one instance chased him down the road trying to “embed a garden hoe in the top of my head.” Mrs. Barber would rake his face with her rings.

Attempts by the child to tell anyone were foiled because Mrs. Barber never allowed him to be alone with anyone. Even during doctor’s visits when the boy had to remove his clothing and in the process inevitably reveal the tell-tale scars Mrs. Barber was right in there explaining the marks away.

There was testimony of other physical abuse at other foster homes, and sexual abuse by a Montreal man who was a beekeeper at another home.

C-14’s examination in chief will continue this morning and then it’s on to cross-examination.
Time is at a premium. The CAS I am sure will be keen to conduct a rigorous cross-examination. Gerry Renshaw is scheduled to take the stand this afternoon.

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