In camera at the 11th hour…

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Hearings are back in camera until about 2:15 pm

Who knows what’s going on the Weave Shed now, but hearings were scheduled to resume today at 2 pm (14:00 EST).  I happened to turn the webcast on just before 1 pm – a green screen, unusual one hour in advance of broadcast so I left it on.  Lo and behold at 13:50 the webcast was up and a handful of lawyers were in the Weave Shed.  There was an ever so brief reference to a motion just filed by Dallas Lee (Victims Group) in camera – and not a murmur of what this 11th hour motion was all about.  Also an ever so brief reference to the presence in the building somewhere of a “contingency” from the Supreme Court of Canada.  Then, at this decreasingly public inquiry, back in camera to discuss confidentiality measures for the witness about to testify.



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