Birds of a feather

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Hearings resume at 2 pm (14:00 EST) this afternoon (Monday 18 June 2007) with a witness requesting confidentiality taking the stand.

I posted Colleen Parrish’s Media Briefing notes of 14 June 2007.

I’m thinking that perhaps there’s more than a little truth to the old saying “birds of a feather stick together.”  Look at breifing notes = the money flows like water and nests are being feathered on the fly….

Two quick questions:

(1) How many people on the Advisory Panel stand to gain financially from this inquiry? i.e., note that funds will be directed to Gatehouse to get the mentoring program up and running.  Janet Handy, executive director of Gatehouse, is member of the Advisory Panel.  A recent article in the Toronto Star indicated that Gatehouse is in dire financial straights

(2) Note the finacially-funded projects approved or pending on “historical” sexual abuse. Since no one seems to know what constitutes historical sexual abuse what are these programs about?  What is the money for?  Does anyone know?

Enough for now,



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