What does that say?

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Note the article on the Cornwall courthouse expansion.  I saw the expansion a few weeks ago – nearly dropped to see what was once the “new” courthouse was obviously no longer suffice to do the job.  The expansion extends the facility almost the entire width of a city block.

What’s amazing here is that when I first started covering the Cornwall sex abuse scandal I was going to the old courthouse on 26 Pitt Street to sit in on preliminary hearings or pre-trials or whatever.  I’ve been trying to recall what year that was – probably around 1998. 

Then it was on to the brand new facility, brighter, modern – and significantly larger.  Presumably large enough to cope with the burgeoning numbers of cases worming their way through the system.

Apparently that’s no longer big enough to do the job!  Someone in Queen’s Park determined that with or without adequate numbers of judges, Crowns and defence attorneys the crime rate was such that it was an imperative that the courthouse be expanded

What does that say?  What’s the message here? That’s my question.  What does that say?

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