Paedophile alert!

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No hearings until Monday 18 June 2007.


I have posted most of the information I have readily on hand on ex priest/sexual predator Richard Hickerson. I am tring to fill in the blanks.  Any assistance in that regard would be greatly appreciated.

And, an interesting note: Father Lucien Luc Meunier, who spent time in Cornwall, molested while in Cornwall and indeed seems to have molested his way across Canada and through the United States, also served in the Diocese of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in the late 50s and possibly into the early 60s. Were Hickerson and Meunier in the diocese at the same time? Did they know each other?

Anyway, at this moment in time the questions relate to Hickerson and are

(1) what exactly happened in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan that triggered Hickerson’s exodus? As we know now priests caught molesting were generally parachuted.  How many families reported Hickerson?  Was he “kicked out” after one report? or after a multitude?

(2) Did the Marianists receive any negative reports on Hickerson’s sexual behaviour before his ordination?  If yes, what and how many? Did they get rid of him after one allegation or multitude?

(3) What was Hickerson doing in Ottawa in the late 60’s?  Did he assist at a parish?  Was he doing something at St. Paul Seminary? If Hickerson was still a priest did Archbishop Joseph Aurele Plourde know he was in the diocese and if yes, did he know that Hickerson was a molester?

(4) Who and/or what took Hickerson to Cornwall in 1968?

(5) Did someone open doors for Hickerson at Canada Manpower? Did Canada Manpower know that Hickerson was a child molester?

(6) Who opened the doors for Hickerson to tutor and interact freely with children at L’Ecole Musica in Cornwall? Did Hickerson find the school on his own, or did someone direct him?  Did the sisters at the school know that Hickerson was a child molester?

(7)  What did Bishop Adolphe Proulx know of Hickerson’s background?

(8) Was Hickerson active as a layman in a parish in Cornwall?  If yes, which?

(8)  How many Hickerson victims are there? in the Diocese of Prince Albert? in Ottawa, Ontario? in the Winnipeg/St. Boniface Manitoba area? In the United States?

(5) Was Hickerson teaching or affiliated with the boy’s school in Winnipeg in the late 60s or at any time in his priestly life?  If yes, did the Marianists know at the time that Hickerson had been sexually abusing young boys in Prince Albert?

That’s what this inquiry should have been specifically mandated to dig in to: who knew who? who did what with whom? who knew what and did nothing, and why?

Paedophile alert:

And, on that note I will draw your attention to a Cornwall paedophile who got a gentle tap on the wrist and is about to be reintegrated into a community somewhere. It seems James Lewis is no longer planning to return to Cornwall.  The children of Cornwall will be spared that risk.  But, wherever Lewis goes children will be put at risk –  I trust that wherever he goes the police in the area will make his whereabouts known so parents can protect their children.  A paedophile’s privacy and unfettered freedom is one thing.  A child’s innocence and ensuing lifetime of torment, pain, suffering and turmoil is another.   

Look at the picture.  Remember what James Lewis looks like.  And never forget for a moment that once again children are knowingly being placed at risk.

Enough for now,



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