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I made some changes to the Hickerson information. It’s certainly looking like the Marianists popped him off to the Academie Provencher (a boy’s school!) after he was caught molesting in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan!!  It sounds as though he left Prince Albert around 1966, and there he is in the 1967 and 1968-69 priest’s directory at a boy’s school!

Did he get reported in Winnipeg/St. Boniface as well?  Is that what expedited his exodus from the priesthood? 

And, of course, what/who finally led/took him to Cornwall?


I have posted a Paedophile Alert on the Home page.  There is something seriously wrong with this picture.  A high risk paedophile will be turned loose in society and chances are the average parent won’t have a clue he’s settled in next door or across the street. This is insanity!

Enough for now,



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2 Responses to Corrections

  1. prima facie says:


    I see you are looking for more information on Richard Hickerson.

    Have you thought of contacting the “honest and open politicians” in Cornwall and Area for more information?

    For example Bob Kilger, who is the newly elected Mayor of Cornwall. Mr. Kilger has long been well connected with the local Government Offices and their employees, in the Area.
    After Mr. Kilger sought a career change from managing a local chicken restaurant, Mr. Kilger, climbed to the rank of “Speaker of The House Of Commons”.

    Mr. Kilger is also very much involved with the Roman Catholic Church-Diocese, “Religious Orders” and the “Knights”. As previously stated, Mr. Bob Kilger (“Google” Bob Kilger Member of Canadian Federal Parliament)was the local, Federal Liberal Party Member of Parliament for some time and in his capacity became, the “Deputy Speaker and Speaker of The House”.

    Also, Bob Kilger’s good-buddy, who shares similar memberships and affiliations with the Roman Catholic Church, Guy Lauzon,(“Google” Guy Lauzon, Canadian Conservative Party Member of Parliament)is the newly elected “Conservative” Member of Parliament, defeating Bob Kilger in the riding of, St. Andrew’s West, Ontario, Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.

    Guy Lauzon has no prior political experience, he ran a local flea-market, part-time.
    In the later 1990’s, Guy Lauzon became largely, unemployed, “taking an early retirement” or leaving “Human Resources Canada”, “Human Resources Development Canada”, and I believe “Canada Manpower”, where he was a Counsellor, Supervisor and Manager.

    In Cornwall, most of the “government” related offices or public service offices/employees/civil servants, are in the same building or within a couple of blocks. They interact frequently.

    In addition, an employment resource centre for unemployed persons over 50, was established in the later 1990’s on Pitt Street in Cornwall. It is/was located in a youth employment resource centre, facility.

    The manager for the over 50’s resource centre, worked for years as a manager at Canada Manpower and “HRDC” related offices. I’m sure he should be able to help you get more input about Richard Hickerson.

    Paul Scott, who is a representative with the “Community Renewal Group” or whatever they are currently calling it and has “Standing” at the Cornwall Public Inquiry can help you find the Manager I referenced above. Paul Scott, who discloses little about himself, “dropped in” from who know’s where. He is/was very much involved with the “over 50’s Club”, managing it periodically. Paul Scott was very much involved at the resource centre. I interpretted Paul Scott’s seemingly “ambiguous” position at the Centre to have been mainly focussed on, soliciting government grants, projects, contracts, assignments, extensions, etc.

    Oh, incidently, Member of Parliament, Guy Lauzon, built a home in St. Andrew’s West, Ontario; directly beside St. Andrew’s West Roman Catholic Church, where Guy is very much involved. I believe the Pastor of the Church is Rev. Bernard Cameron, of the “Cameron et al vs. Bateman et al” litigation you reference on your website.

    In Cornwall and Area, I find it interesting, how so many loose ends are actually, tightly connected.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Very interesting. All the little bits and pieces of information floating about. One has a bit of information here, another with a bit there. Over the years I have found that to be the case in Cornwall. I couldn’t say how often in casual conversation someone has divulged something which was significant to me but, in his/her mind, totally inconsequential. Often it’s as simple as who knows who, or who is related to whom. All a case of looking at the end swhich seem to be loose and determining which are truly loose,and which are, as you say, tightly connected…

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