“I was violated. The whole system failed”

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I’m holding my breath waiting for Justice Glaude to suggest that Jeanette Antoine’s allegations of sexual abuse against Brian Kehoe should be turned over to the “proper authorities” – some kind of judicial and very public acknowledgement to the world that he thinks he’s heard more than enough here to believe a crime has been committed and a prompt criminal investigation may be warranted.  He did it when Steve Parisien, a victim of sexual abuse , was portrayed in a negative light by an emotional, distraught and fragile fellow victim.  In that instance Glaude seemed to leap to the chance to publicly announce that this was a matter which should be turned over to the “proper authorities,” the implication and public perception being that the commissioner believed that Steve had done wrong.

We have yet to witness a similar judicial response to allegations of sexual abuse against some men who I believe in some instances are very much alive.  Nor has there been an inkling of judicial concern that the dismal lack of charges might signal that any of a number of persons should or might be turned over to the “proper authorities” to be investigated for obstructing justice.

A double standard?

Some questions: 

(1) How many times must we hear that police and/or Crowns decided there was “insufficient evidence” to lay charges? 

(2) Is there the remotest possibility that any or all or at least one of the latter amounted to deliberate obstruction of justice?

(3) When it comes to protecting children from sexual predators, how much evidence is enough?

(4) Does anyone in a postion of authority truly care? 

(5)  Where is the mainstream media? 

The testimony from Jeannette Antoine this morning is heartbreakingly unbelievable.  The response to her allegations a pathetic joke.  Even, according to Jeannette, Father Kevin Maloney, a Roman Catholic priest, advised her in the confessional to “leave well enough alone.”

No one, but no one, listened to Jeannette as a child and I must say her testimony to date indicates she fared no better when she attempted to pursue justice as an adult. As she tearfully testified:  “I was violated.  The whole system failed.”

Jeannette’s cross-examination resumed at 14:00 hrs. – 2 pm – this afternoon (Tuesday 05 June 2007). There was an OPP matter regarding the next witness which was under discussion first before continuing with Jeannette’s cross-exam.  Unfortunately reception on the webcam this aftwernoon went from poor to non-existent.  Nothing is getting through.  There is a storm system moving through which may be interfering with the feed.  If this continues I may have to resort to transcripts tonight :(. 

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