Witness will be identified later

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Hearings resume at 2 pm (14:00 hrs) this afternoon, Monday 04 June 2007.  Jeanette Antoine will take the stand.  Another victim requesting confidentiality will follow Antoine tomorrow.

I am nearly finished going throught the transcripts of C-6’s testimony and should have the blog up this morning.  The publication ban on C-6’s name should be lifted by this afternoon.  After it’s lifted he can be publicly identified.  I think virtually everyone knows who he is already – his name was on the Cornwall Public Inquiry website several days before he took the stand, and then there were slips by lawyers during his testimony.  Anyway, once the ban imposed during the preliminary inquiry and trials are lifted C-6 can be publicly identified. It seems he never had an aversion to being identified, in this instance the ban is technicality related to pre-existing bans and the wheels to have them lifted weren’t set in motion soon enough.

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