A priestly apology?

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What did I miss today?  I am waiting for the transcripts and so far no sign of them.  However, look at these reports from the Freeholder and AM 1220.

It seem that Charlie penned an apology to C-4, – well, allegedly penned an apology.  Back in 1997!! Five years before he “walked”!! 

I truly am anxious to read the transcripts to find out what transpired in that Weave Shed today.  When I got home at 14:45 it was all over for the day so I didn’t get a whiff of testimony and no sense of the mood at all.  But certainly the media reports indicate the letter was read and that perhaps – surprise! – doubts have been cast on its authenticity.

I will hold my tongue until I find out who said what about this letter.

But, quite frankly, I am astounded! 

Enough for now,


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