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I am in the land of the living.  And I’m back!  I felt the need for a time out and decided to take it – a little time to smell the flowers.  They’re still there 🙂 Also time to wrestle with some questions which have been niggling away at my mind.  They continue to niggle but I’m working my way through.  I’m not ready to blog on those matters just yet, and in fact may never be.  We’ll see….

And just when I was all set to get back at it I was reminded that I had promised months ago to scan pictures for an upcoming family reunion!  My husband’s surgery put the task on the back burner, and it stayed there. So, for the past few days I have been digging through boxes of photos and scanning and scanning and scanning  – a real trip down memory lane.  I didn’t dare touch the blog until the task was accomplished. 

So, the scanning is finished and I can settle back to work here and be ready for the resumption of hearings at 2 pm Monday, 28 May 2007.

The schedule for next week is finally posted.

May 28 & 29, 2007: Witness requesting confidentiality

May 30, 2007: Cathy Sutherland

May 31, 2007: Kevin Upper

Steve Parisien was back in the Cornwall courtroom yesterday (Wednesday 23 May 2007) – this time with his new ad third lawyer Bill Wade.  A pre-trial conference in chambers has been scheduled for 27 June 2007.  Another date of 05 July 2007 is also scheduled, the latter I believe for the judge to rule or whatever he has to do after the pre-trial conference.

I have taken a quick look to try to sort out what the pre-trial conference is all about.  At this point the only thing I know for certain is that whatever is said in chambers will stay there unless the judge orders that the transcripts be released.  Under the circumstances I would hope that the judge will asked and agree to make the transcripts public.

I say that because the problem is that this while mess is integrally tied into and inseparable from the Cornwall Public Inquiry, so much so that Steve’s first lawyer actually asked for a publication ban to ‘protect the integrity of the inquiry.’ 

Can you believe it?  Steve’s good reputation has been destroyed because of and by the inquiry, but in the legal world  protecting the “integrity of the inquiry” apparently trumps transparency when it comes to restoring Steve’s tattered reputation!

I fail to see the logic.  If “the inquiry” did no wrong, then there should be no fear within legal circles, …should there?

Anyway, that’s where the criminal charges against Steve Parisien are at. 

Interesting, not one single word about this in the news.  Not one single media outlet in or out of Cornwall, Ontario is following the trials and tribulations of the first non-witness to face criminal charges as a result of the Cornwall Public Inquiry.  Not one single media outlet is concerned that a victim of sexual abuse is the first legal casualty of the inquiry. Not one is asking why Justice Glaude chose not to turn Gilf Greggain, an  “alleged” paedophile, to the “proper authorities.”  Glaude heard more damning testimony against Greggain by a long shot than he heard about Steve, but, not a boo from the commissioner about turning Greggain over to the “proper authorities.”

No.  No one in Cornwall knows what’s happening to Steve because the media aren’t telling them. Steve’s on his own.

And it goes on…

Now I remember why I felt the need for a break 🙂

Before I close an important reminder.  Steve needs your help.  Keep him in your prayers.  And please support him financially.  Lawyers don’t come cheap.  Contribute to the Steve Parisien Legal Defence Fund.

 If you’re in Cornwall, pop into the TD Canada Trust on 9th Street East and deposit a few dollars to Steve Parisien’s account, number 2312-6303030.  Those outside Cornwall can make a deposit through any TD Canada Trust outlet. Or, send a cheque or money order – mailing address and all necessary information is here

And that’s enough for now,


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