More cancellations!!!!

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I didn’t get my computer in for a fixup – discovered it was basically a Microsoft problem related to getting essential patches.  Once all “essential” patches and fixes were downloaded it was the difference between night and day.  Seems that by utilising Firefox as my primary browser the automatic Microsoft updates no longer updated automatically.  I had nine “essential” patches and fixes lined up and waiting for me.  They obviously were truly essential.  Now that I know the automatic isn;t always automatic I will keep a closer eye on patches from here on in 🙂


I have been thinking, and as I think have been fixing up a few pages, i.e., The Commissioner, the Coalition.  Added a new one for Andre Bissonnette.  Also posted today’s media coverage.

There are significant parts of Andre Bissonnette’s testimony I plan to cover.  I must say I was surprised and quite excited yesterday to hear his lawyer ask for disclosure of documents related to the 1960 investigations into St. Joseph’s Training School in nearby Alfred, Ontario. She believes they are relevant to the inquiry in that they may indicate that certain institutions – CAS specifically – were aware of the problems at Alfred and despite that knowledge continued to send young fellows off to that den of iniquity. That of course would go to the insitutional response!   Good for her!!!

So I do hope to take a closer look and post excerpts of that public submission and explanation of how this lawyer believes those records regarding Alfred could have relevance to the inquiry.

And, by the way, more cancellations!!!! Nothing – nothing public at the Weave Shed until 28 May 2007. Hearings next week have been cancelled.  Seems the Children’s Aid Society has unearthed a raft of documents relevant to the next witness and is just now disclosing them to all parties. That’s too late to be ready to go next week, so … cancellled.  Apparently plans are under way to make up for a lot of this lost time by utilising one of the pre-scheduled weeks off in June 🙂
And that’s enough for now,



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  1. prima facie says:

    In the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder, dated May 18, 2007, Terri Saunders writes about Jamie Marsolais’s attempts to notify his neighbourhood that an paedophile is being released from jail and will move to live in the neighbourhood. This particular paedophile, James Lewis has disclosed, he will most likely re-offend. Psychiatrists and other professionals have also voiced their concerns of Lewis, re-offending.


    As evidenced in Ms. Saunder’s obvious success in being unfair and unbalanced, she interviews Ms. Elizabeth White, Director of the St. Leonard’s Society of Canada, an advocate organization for “assisting persons in conflict with the law and prevent recidivism by facilitating members to provide educational programs, industrial workshops…”.
    (I urge you to see “St. Leonard’s Society of Canada” website)

    Question: What has our society become? We cannot even speak “coherently”. Their Mission Statement is vague, ambiguous and open to interpretation. (is this a law school?-joke)  ….does “person in conflict with the law” mean CRIMINAL? In this case, a criminal who has disclosed he has little or no remorse and will most likely re-offend.

    In the interview, Ms. White states, “But the question that always comes to my mind is whether a victim may be misguided in their intentions and their actions may result in an increased risk of future crimes to be committed in their community.”…..this, vague, ambiguous, ignorant and naive statement by the Director who, “..assists persons in conflict with the law..”

    QUESTION: What is this…a kindergarten teacher? or school crossing guard? WHO developped this social policy she is administering….Pierre, during one of his flower seeking trips to communist Cuba? Or, is she going solo?

    I suppose “statistics and research” designed in the fashion of, “The Cornwall Public Inquiry”, interpreted by a group of naive, but credetialled civil servants, recommended this strategy..GET REAL!

    OKAY, Ms. Saunders of the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder, about a FAIR and BALANCED story providing various perspectives or do you only offer one-sided stories….
    oh yes, Cornwall Standard-Freeholder, hardly objective, just slant after slant after, more slant.

    Ms. Saunders; Do you want me to put you in touch with some authentic public awareness groups and victims advocacy groups? And, I don’t mean these self-serving, pathetic examples of so-called, victims representatives, attending the Cornwall Public Inquiry?


    I believe it is the naive, misguided characters like Ms. Elizabeth White and the naive and ignorant news media characters, like Terri Saunders, who, as a result of their good intentions and their actions cause increased risks of future crimes in OUR communities.

    The information was released, as it should have been, to the public. Jamie Marsolais has correctly, picked up the ball to save his community.

    CAN SOMEONE SEE THAT MS. SAUNDERS and the CORNWALL STANDARD-FREEHOLDER get this comment/blog please…maybe even Ms. Elizabeth White, Director of the St. Leonard’s Society of Canada.

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