Wrapped up for the day!

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11:35 am.  About an hour-and-a-half of business and things are wrapped up for the day! 

Arguments to and fro about an OPP Freedom of Information request and Justice Glaude’s jurisdiction or lack thereof in the matter.  I missed the beginning of arguments but it seems this particular FOI relates to lawyers from Ledroit Beckett attempting to access information for a civil action it has launched on behalf of a member of the Victim’s Group.  The documents are already in possession of parties at the inquiry, but all parties privy to those have signed undertakings to keep mum about the contents of every document which commission has classified as confidential or carries a publication ban etc.  The only way for anyone to utilize that material therefore is to file a FOI request and attempt to acquire the documents apart from the inquiry.

The general consesus at the Weave Shed seems to be that disclosure can proceed and that the documents will be heavily redacted, even more so than those at the Weave Shed are.

Justice Glaude will ponder the matter and has reserved his decision to a future date.


Hearings resume at 09:30 am tomorrow. Andre Bissonnette will take the stand.


My computer is groaning and overheating.  I’ve had a time and half getting and keeping it up and running.  I finally set up a fan which allowed me to tune in to this morning’s hearings – a little late but I finally managed to access the link and stay tuned.  I didn’t dare try to do another thing :(. 

So, I will wait until after tomorrow’s hearings to look at a computer fix-up.  Meanwhile I will do what I can, but I must say that all day yesterday when I tried to do any wordprocessing at all everything crashed. 

I did manage to post a series of media articles yesterday am before computer problems got totally out of hand.  Check New to the Site on the Home page.

For the moment I will simply post this blog.  Once it’s up I will try to come back to link to New to the Site etc.  If the links are there things are going better than expected 🙂

Enough for now,



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2 Responses to Wrapped up for the day!

  1. prima facie says:

    In Re: Dr. Peter G. Jaffe
    “Directives to the Proletariat via the News Media”

    I believe, if “Authority” is left unchallenged, then in most cases, corruption will occur.
    Many esteemed scholars, professionals, politicians, diplomats, laymen, author’s, etc., etc., have researched, analyzed, debated, corroborated, validated and written extensively about their findings, surrounding the signs, symptoms and consequences experienced interacting in “closed systems” and “unchallenged Authority”.

    To comment briefly; in addition to other consequences, unchallenged “Authority” becomes drunken with “power”, control, nepotism, cronyism, favouritism, patronage, secrecy, protectionism, convoluted partisanship, control of public opinion and promotion of self-serving, self-fulfilling, public policy agenda’s.

    Individuals and systems expressing opposing opinions are excluded.

    Dissenting voices or simple opposing opinions are mischaracterized as being subversive acts, conceived and conspired by deviant “anarchists”. The “messengers” are ostracized, blacklisted discredited, humiliated, stereotyped, ignored, invalidated, de-valued, assigned blame, oppressed and “DELETED”.

    BUT, I guess the proverbial “we could be worse off” or worse than that of course, “we could be living in the BIG, BAD, U.S.A.” is applied.

    I do accept that in some world venues, such “messengers” expressing challenges to “Authority”, are missing or executed.

    Unchallenged and repeated behaviours of “Social Control” as mentioned above, enacted by “Authority”, becomes, “re-socialization, re-conditioning”.

    The unchallenged, intergenerational “practice” of re-socialization and re-conditioning, becomes, the “unchallenged NORM”.

    As with Dr. Jaffe and his contemporaries, power is further manifested in, CONTROL, INTOLERANCE and the CASTING ASIDE of “outsiders”.

    “Authority” openly displays its arrogance over humanity, as displayed by comments such as Dr. Jaffe’s and through Inquiries such as The Cornwall Public Inquiry.

    Opposing opinions are now considered to be annoyances, outdated, “not with the times” and expressions submitted by uncooperative anarchists.

    So, since the 1960’s, what ideology has evolved into the role of “Authority”? and Why?….socialism?

    Some results of the “silent revolution”: Omnibus Bill and its spin-off consequences? Air India-the conspiracy, the event and the cover-up? the news media anti-combines investigations? and more recently, Gommery? Shawinigate? Airbus? RCMP-Pension Fund? fragmentation of society? etc., etc.

    And…..nobody gives a “poop”. Sad, very sad.

    P.S. We certainly do not need another “Trudeau” politician.

  2. prima facie says:

    Re: Designed or Coincidental? The credible, likeable, professional “Man of the Oppressed”, Judge Garry Guzzo Is Back In The Public Eye.

    I heard that defeated M.P.P. and “Judge” Garry Guzzo, was recently interviewed on the radio. Among other points, it is my understanding that Mr. Guzzo was very supportive of Commissioner Glaude’s work, to date. In addition, I believe Mr. Guzzo discussed that he was engaged in providing pro bono “publico” services for one or more people participating in The Cornwall Public Inquiry, experience. In addition, Mr. Guzzo is writing a book about the “whole” affair.(search Garry Guzzo on “Sylvia’s website”)

    I encourage reflection, research, reasonable deduction, and deep thought.

    In the 1990’s, Mr. Guzzo climbed into the “ring” as a “friend” to alleged victims and Constable Perry Dunlop. Mr. Guzzo was subsequently instrumental, in bringing the story of, “David Silmser a.k.a. D.S.”, “Perry Dunlop-Project Truth” etc., into national and international prominence. Subsequently, in his role as a Provincial M.P.P., “backbencher”, Mr. Guzzo tabled two “Private Member” Bills relating to a need for a public inquiry into related issues of the time. (search Mr. Guzzo’s Private Member Bills on Sylvia’s website)

    At the same time, a “violent storm was brewing” in Cornwall and the local populous was aggrieved over very serious allegations of sexual abuse. Acts of sexual abuse, allegedly conspired, perpetrated and convered-up, by prominent, local, citizen’s, representing every walk of life. The populous was reacting as anyone would under similar circumstances, ie: afraid, disbelief, defensive, denying, shame, blame, talking, spreading rumors and perhaps even, sharing words about disclosed and undisclosed facts. The “oppressed” saw a light of hope to run to.

    To the contrary; in my opinion, the “authority” was scurrying about, taking a more powerful and coercive, authoritatve posture.

    It made me think of when I was a young kid battling with my siblings over control of the television. My Dad would send my Mother into the tempest, to “calm” the storm and restore “order” as our home defined “order”.

    Depending on various “presenting” factors, Mom would implement one or more strategies, in her attempt to restore “order”; example) negotiation, discussion, blame, shared responsibility, accountability, discipline. Sometimes Mom was harsh and quick, with her intervention. Sometimes she was negotiative; sometimes, we discovered she had appeared to be as kind and as gentle as a lamb could be, but, she was really a wolf.

    Gee, you know, I saw the same thing happen, over and over and over again, as I grew up, living in different communities and employed in different private sector and public sector jobs.

    Of course, there was a different personality acting in the role my Mother did, however, the goals/objectives were similar; “to restore order and confidence in “authority” as defined”.

    In Cornwall, the storm has passed, the populous is “at rest”, ORDER has been restored and the willing, cooperative, participants will be rewarded and paraded about as “good” examples of a “good” PROCESS.

    Like Mom, the intervention was, well done.

    Reflection; what does the public understand:

    a)Is the current Cornwall Public Inquiry the particular and specific Inquiry requested for and represented to the populous, as written in Mr. Guzzo’s Private Member Bill’s?

    b)How many Public Member Bill’s ever are passed into law? Don’t forget, Mr. Guzzo is well informed; he has prior experience as a Board Member, managing allegations of sexual abuse and he is a credible, experienced, well educated and well informed Member of Parliament and the Judiciary. Does Mr. Guzzo want me to believe he had no idea his Private Member’s proposals had as much chance of surviving as a snowball in hell, or, was Mr. Guzzo’s intention ONLY to use his position to create public awareness…….or anything else??

    IN FACT; Besides restoring “order”, Nothing “really” came out of the publicity; nothing “really” came out of Project Truth; nothing “really” came out of the investigations, nothing “really” came out of the Private Member’s Bill’s….OR…after all the years, is the current Cornwall Public Inquiry really, the “son” of Guzzo?

    Watch For “The Return Of Guzzo-Spin Two”

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