The conflicts never end

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A new page on Ben Hoffman posted – access via another new page for the Advisory Panel. I still have work to do on the latter. Will get at it when I can 🙂

I have had the information on Dr. Hoffman for a while – just hadn’t had opportunity to get it posted. But, isn’t it amazing? A former employee of Corrections Services! Working on the Advisory Panel!!!.

The conflicts never end!!!

And note, the quote of the day: “When abuse occurs in institutions, the harm that is suffered often cannot be repaired by punishing the perpetrators”!

It’s too late for any more of this. It truly is. I’m calling it a day 🙂

Enough for now,


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  1. Myomy says:

    A preview of the final report of the Cornwall Public Inquiry Justice Normand Glaude reporting on the instututional response to allegations of sexual abuse: The harm suffered when abuse occurs often cannot be repaired by punishing the perpetrators so lets try re-victimizing the victims. That should work!

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