550 little souls raped!

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A quick note.  Steve Parisien will make another brief appearance in the Cornwall courtroom this morning – I believe at 9 am. 

No hearings at the Weave Shed today.  Nothing there until next week.

Keep an eye on New to the Site.  Note that the Cornwall Children’s Treatment Centre handles approximately 50 new cases of child sexual abuse a year.

Fifty.  That’s about four/month.  In the Cornwall area. 

Can you believe it?  It is a known fact that every month at least four children in the Cornwall area are sexually molested. 

And it’s a known fact that at least 550 children have been sexually abused in the area since 1996 when the centre opened its doors!!!  550 little souls raped!!! A minimum of 550!!

Where are the molesters of those 550 little souls?  That’s what I’d really like to know.  Where are the sexual predators?

Note too that Premier Dalton McGuinty will be the guest speaker at the centre’s annual meeting on 10 May 2007. This is the premiere whose government commissioned an inquiry which is re-victimizing real and “alleged” sexual abuse victims, will not and presumably can not determine the veracity of the allegations of “alleged” victims of historic sexual abuse, and by extension is turning a blind eye to the “alleged” paedophiles who are roaming the streets of Cornwall.

Does this make an ounce of sense?

Enough for now,


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