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No hearings today (Friday 27 April 2007)  Hearings resume 07 May 2007.

Hearings on Wednesday 16 May, Thursday 17 May and Thursday 07 June 2007 have all been cancelled, as were those of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. There is a hope that these days might be picked up some time in June.


Victims Group Affidavit problems
Yesterday was report day for Ledroit Beckett, the law firm which was ordered by Justice Glaude to scrutinize the affidavits of the Victims Group which it represents for accuracy.  This after the discovery that two affidavits (Rober Renshaw and C-10) had serious factual errors.

The law firm had prviously been given one month to check the affidavits and report back.

Here are few of the findings as reported by Dallas Lee to Justice Glaude:

(1) In its application for standing and funding the Victims Group indicated a membership of 48 members.  There were not 48 members. Four individuals apparently did not sign affidavits and according to Lee advised Ledroit Beckett they did not want to be part of the Victims Group.  I am assuming one of the latter was Dick Nadeau.  Dick was listed as a member of the Victims Group, however he was always a proud member of the Coalition for Action.  He was never a member of the Victims Group and had no intention or desire to part of the group.  As incidental as it may seem to some he was he was very upset when he discovered his name was posted on the Cornwall Public Inquiry website as a member of the Victims Group.

(2) Of the 48 “members” only 44 individuals swore affidavits and are officially members of the Victims Group.

(3) 37 of 44 affidavits have been reviewed for accuracy.  The remaining seven have not responded despite two letters containing a copy of their affidavit and a minimum of three phone calls to each.

(4) One individual who signed an affidavit was originally part of the group.  He has since left the group and refuses to speak lawyers from Ledroit Beckett, answer the law firm’s correspondence and has apparently relayed word that the firm is not to contact him.  He is now represented by a different law firm. Ledroit Beckett has been told by Glaude to contact the victim’s new law firm and ask that the affidavit in question be scrutinized for accuracy.

(5) Two law clerks and three lawyers have been working on the process for almost a month. The process is being conducted at the law firm’s expense.

(6) Other errors have been discovered in other affidavits but none are said to be of the import of those of the Robert Renshaw and C-10

There are apparently typos and spelling errors. 

The factual errors discovered include those in one affidavit which identifies an abuser (Brother George Edmond) as an employee of St. Joseph Training school which was a reform school for boys in Alfred Ontario.  The sex absue scandal at the training school in Alfred is apparently beyond the scope of the mandate.  Edmond however was in fact an employee of St. Joseph Elementary school in Cornwall.

There are affidavits which apparently allege hardships from dealings with the Cornwall Police when in fact the affiant had no dealings with the Cornwall police.

One affidavit states the affiant left school in Grade 9 when in fact he left in Grade 12. 

Another indicates the affiant was not seeing a counselor at the time he signed the affidavit when in fact he was. 

Another states the affiant had an income of $14000 from a disability pension when in fact it was from employment.

Another indicates the affiant had difficulty maintaining gainful employment when in fact he held the same job for 23 years.

Another indicates he was exposed to alcohol by his abuser when in fact he was not.  And so on…

(7) Dallas Lee “… we clearly appear to have underestimated the effects of abuse on some people. I attended Cornwall as a Commissioner of Oath. I sat in front of people who said, ‘I’ve read the affidavit and I swear it to be true’.

A few comments and questions on this abysmal mess:

(1) These affidavits rife with errors had been posted on the Cornwall Public Inquiry website since around the Fall of 1996. Nearly eighteen months! 

(2) Typos and spelling errors are one thing, but how in the name of goodness could so many factual errors crop up in a handful of legal documents? 

(3) Did none of the Victims Group read the affidavits before signing? Are they all so trusting that they assumed lawyers never make mistakes and just signed on the dotted line?  I am floored.  One or two I could understand, but this is well beyond one or two.  What are the odds on that? How in the name of goodness could this have happened and be allowed to happen on such a grand scale?

This is troubling.  We are awaiting the outcome of contact by Ledroit Beckett with the other members of the group who have to date been unreachable. What Justice Glaude intends to do once all affidavits have been scrutinized remains to be seen.


Note the big inquiry-sponsored gathering scheduled for Tuesday.  How anyone hopes to build a future of “hope, trust and pride” when “alleged” victims are being re-victimized on and off the stand, others are being charged with obstruction of justice, and “alleged” paedophiles are roaming the streests foot-loose and fancy free is beyond me.  


Keep John MacDonald, his mother and nine brothers and sisters in your prayers.  John’s father died on Wednesday.  May he rest in peace.

Mr. MacDonald’s funeral is at 11 am Saturday 28 April 2007 at St. Columban’s Church, 4th St. W., Cornwall.  Visitation is at Sullivan Funeral Home (341 Pitt St.) on Friday 27 April 6 pm to 10 pm and Saturday morning from 9 am until the cortege departs for the church.


I have been asking you to help Steve by contributing to the Steve Parisien Legal Defence at the Toronto Dominion Bank.  The TD bank is now better known as TD Canada Trust.  Therefore I will amend the information to avoid confusion.  

Steve Parisien Legal Defence Fund

Steve Parisien

Account No: 2312-6303030

TD Canada Trust
61- 9th St. East.
Cornwall, Ontario
K6H 6R3

A bank account has now been set up for Steve’s Legal Defence.  The account is with the TD Canada Trust in Cornwall, Ontario.
Contributions may be made

(1) By cash.

Deposits may be made in person at any TD Canada Trust branch in Canada.  Deposit monies to Steve Parisien account, number 2312-6303030.

(2)  By cheque or money order.

Make cheques payable to Steve Parisien.

The account number must appear somewhere on the cheque of Money Order.  I suggest you write on the back: “For deposit only to account number 2312-6303030”

Mailing address for the TD Canada Trust in Cornwall:

TD Canada Trust
61 – 9th Street East
Cornwall, Ontario
K6H 6R3

Please pull out your cheque book.  This criminal process which was initiated in the Weave Shed is going to cost Steve at least $30,000! 

More to come.  Enough for now,


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