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1:05 pm (13:05) Thursday 26 April 2007:  It’s all over for the day. 

Nothing until  2 pm (14:00) 07Monday May 2007!!

Three hours this week.  And that’s it for the public part of this “public” inquiry. 

Another circus this morning.  Just when you think things can’t get any more ridiculous the gathered throng pull something else out of the hat, grab hold of the crutches and hobble along.  The latest is ODEs, not as in Ode to a Nigtingale, but Overview of Documentary Evidence. 

Seems some witnesses don’t want to take the stand thus further hampering the already hobbled inquiry.  Thus, to ensure the appropriate evidence gets into the record and possibly into evidence lead counsel Peter Englemann and whomever else have devised ODEs.  ODEs are their acounting of the evidence contained in documents which I assume would have been entered into evidence were the victim to take the stand.  ODEs are  obviously subjective in that Engelmann and others determine which sentences and which paras and which documents they will reference in the ODE.  Assurances have been given that the authority of the documents will prevail over the ODE.

A few at the Weave Shed are less than happy.  There is chatter about issuing summonses and compelling victims to take the stand, and other chatter about re-victiminzing the witnesses, and other chatter about dealing with each ODE on a case by case basis. 

There was no great resolution to anything.  Peter Engelman was passionate about promoting this latest legal novelty.  Others are passionately concerned about the process.

The first ODE was hurriedly read into the record.  Number one ODE was an ODE for or by or about an “alleged” victim of Father Charles MacDonald who goes by the moniker C-R.

More on this shambles later.  I just wanted to let you know that it’s all over for the day.  And after only three hours, for another week.  Seems no one quite knows what they’ll be doing when they come back, but they hope to have something sorted out as a heads up to the gathered throng by tomorrow.

 Unreal.  Unreal!!!!




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