Stop protecting child molesters

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(1) No hearings today. Hearings resume at 09:30 am tomorrow, Tuesday, 17 April 2007.

(2) I have re-done The AG page. It should be more legible on browsers other than IE. I’m slowly picking away at getting things re-done.

(3) No progress on the non clerical molesters list. Hopefully I will get started on that today 🙂

(4) A new article posted. Teaching confidence in the face of abuse, The Standard (March 20th, 2007): The One Thing You Need To Know

This from TV Ontario. Quite quite amazing. Seems the AG’s office is waiting for the results of the inquiry to do something for male victims of historical sexual abuse! What does it take? The ongoing discrimination against male victims of historical sexual abuse is mind boggling.

That aside, disturbing what we’re loading onto the small shoulders of little children. My first thought here is that this is another case of adults shirking their duties and responsibilities. The battle should be to get child molesters off the streets and behind bars – for years. There are thousands of molesters roaming the streets of Canada. They prey on children. But, we’re going to let them roam – we’ll just teach our little ones to protect themselves! And then we’ll have a well-educated and equally-well-financed social services industry in place to cluck over the thousands whose dear little souls are raped.

Yes, of course there will be children who are molested by a first time molester, but my goodness we could cut the numbers of sexually abused children dramatically if “the system” started treating sexual molestation as a serious crime and offenders as the perverted criminals they are. No more special Charter rights allowing paedophiles to walk. No more unilateral and subjective decisions by police and Crown attorneys on the credibility of a victim. No more sex abuse trials by judge alone.

And how about jail time for those who know a man is molesting or a child has been or is being molested and don’t report? Never mind the reasons. If sexual abuse of a child is an abhorrent crime – and it is – then failing to bring it to an end is equally abhorrent.

There are better way to protect children than to instill them with fear. I’m inclined to think that if we stop protecting child molesters we will be well on our way to providing the protection which our children deserve and so desperately need.

(5) If you have an extra $10 or $20 pop in to a Toronto Dominion Bank, or write a cheque. Steve Parisien needs our help.

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