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(2) A busy day.  I must say I nearly dropped when I read the paper this morning – there’s John Spice, former RCMP officer now lead investigator for the Cornwall Public Inquiry tucked in amidst the burgeoning RCMP scandal, which, like Cornwall, is now awhirl with allegations of cover-up!

Turns out Spice was the RCMP ethics officer when Zaccardelli presumably brought a halt to a criminal investigation into allegations of corruption and misappropriation of the Mountie’s pension fund – he then passed the bulk of the mess on to Spice. 

I have no idea what Spice’s conclusions were on the matter.  I haven’t seen any coverage of a report or reports on the findings of the ethics officer bearing his signature.  I am sure there must be some paper work out there and in due course we will hear about it.   But no matter what he did or did not say, do or write he is caught smack dab in the midst of a scandal involving Canada’s prima police force which may well rival AdScam,  The whole thing has the look of another Gomery Commission in the not too distant future.

What impact will the arduous process of attempting to unearth the truth in RCMP headquarters have on John Spice’s duties as lead investigator at the Cornwall Public Inquiry?  I have no idea, but I do know the inquiry can ill afford any more bad PR.  Marie Josee Lapointe has been quietly tucked out of sight and out of mind.  Now John Spice is in the public eye.

Not good.

(2) Primae facie asked if John Spice worked for Norm Inkster when he with Interpol.  I ididn’t know or recall that Spice had any dealings with Interpol.  I said I was unaware of any.

He did.  It turns out John Spice joined IGEC (Interpol Group of
Experts on Corruption) and attended the 20 – 21 January 2003 12th IGEC meeting in Hong Kong.  The meeting was held on the eve of the first ever joint Interpol-ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children), also in Hong Kong (22-24 January 2007).

Whether or not Spice stayed on for the Interpol-ICAC Conference I don’t know, but I do know that Zaccardelli was there to deliver a Keynote address. In light of all that has gone on in Cornwall, and with Zaccardelli’s recent and premature resignation, and the more recent whiff of a robust RCMP scandal Zaccardelli’s words are interesting indeed and well worth the read.
(3) Note Gail Kaneb’s appeal to the Chamber of Commerce to join her at a big all day gathering on 02 March 2007 at the Civic Complex to rattle around ideas on what to do and what not to do for Phase II .  It seems there have been a multitude of Advisory Panel sponsored meetings over the past months – none open to the general public.  Invitation only!!
(4)  And don’t forget the Steve Parisien Legal Defence Fund

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